Remembering Good Friday in 2024


Written Mar. 29 11:59 pm EST

   Your world is in turmoil and millions are calling out in pray for help. You were warned of these end times, but few are listening. Chaos and this is of your own making, as politicians pass through with your hard earned money in their pockets. There is no control on your streets, as numbers on a sheet of paper even comes close to reality. If the middle class is paycheck to paycheck, how will the current and future push the poor within the cities? Policies have led to businesses firing or laying off the citizens of this nation for cheaper labor. They was done with China, Mexico with NAFTA and now it is happening here. This was by design. There is a disconnect between what the leaders think and you the voter. Like sand slipping through your fingers, you better come out of your slumber.

   Today we celebrate the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus who died for your many sins. There are so many sins. As God, He sacrificed His life for you. So many has abandon Him recently, just look around at your world. At the rate humanity is going, there may few left to save. Today pause for a minute and reflect on this great sacrifice and for some how are you going to change the current path of mankind that is spiraling towards indifference, greed and hell.

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