Hillary and the Pope




Written Oct 7




   Hillary on the quest to be the new world orderís pawn and will pull out all stops to get elected. You were just told she wanted the US Military to go in and rescue the people at the US mission in Benghazi to protect the ambassador and his staff, guests and only the CIA operatives, former Seals that defied orders to stand down, went to assist and died to protect this nation. A job few politicians would do today. She also said the President of the United States agreed. So what is the truth?

   You were told the Benghazi incident was organized as both the mission and the safe house only known to the state department was attacked when they fled. You were told that those who attacked were under the control of the Israelis and were not part of a terroristís agenda, as those in the State Department and the Military fed info to Obama on a need to basis. The mission was under drone surveillance and spy satellites giving a real time feed at the point of attack. Analyzing the tactics, movements and coordination of the alleged terrorists, the Pentagon knew those that attacked the Ambassador were not part of an organized typical terrorist attack. The building was reinforced to repel any ordinary terror attack, but key points of vulnerability (safe rooms) were given to the force that attacked by a person at the undersecretary level. We were betrayed. Look to those that were dismissed after the attack.

   State Department under secretaries gave the order to not engage the terrorist. Did Hillary know the Israelis were behind this, yes? She was briefed by the CIA as to the status of the attack and all felt comfortable that this incident would point terrorist from the Moslem faith. The layers of command leave her like Teflon, nothing will stick. The president is the leader of the military and if he agreed with Clinton they would have been deployed by the word of the commander in chief, but they were told to stand down. Someone is lying. Only the seals at a CIA safe house who defied orders responded. They were heroes who died to protect their country. You canít say that for the politicians who stood by and watched an Israeli covert operation killed our own and then blame it on terrorists.

   This story is a quick cover the incident, but is filled with so many holes. The Republicans know the truth, so they will pin on Clinton as she can say only so much. So the games go on.


The Pope


   You have been told to watch Pope Francis as actions speak louder than his words of compassion. The arranged meeting between Davis and himself was to placate the priests now rising up for the original doctrine of the Church and Laws of God to not be changed. No man even the Pope can soften the Laws of God to accept others who go against the Word. Letís see how they prevail in Octoberís Synod. His words to Davis were to stay strong. Those who are of the Catholic faith rejoiced and the media were confused by the planned leak. This move would temporarily hold the conservatives in the Church who know the Prophesies. But with media pressure he caved and released a statement he met with a gay couple in private also. Neither of these events were pre released, so what are we to think?

   There is a state of confusion of which direction or path the Catholic Church will follow. Change the Laws of God to adapt to humanityís to respect all and their wants to be seen as a couple. To allow abortion to destroy the precious life created by God? To provide a fast track to dissolve a marriage a sacrament of God as no man has the right to dissolve. Now, last time I checked Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope are men. This is the key to challenging the conservatives within the Church. Obey the laws of God or change to embrace the laws of men. This is the danger.


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