In Denial

The Media




Written Dec. 12 9pm EST

Update Dec. 13 12:45am EST


   As the media continues this narrative, you seem to think, the public is stupid and will continue to listen to you at face value. Those days are gone. First look at the Russian influence. It was Hillaryís campaign that proposed the Russian connection as to help destroy Trump. This was done, not because she had proof, but to discredit Trump with a Russian connection as was done with white supremacist association raising levels of hate. Where is it now that the Soros money winds down? It was all about the votes. The emails were hacked by US patriots that knew vital access points of entry into the NSA with some given by the US Military and dropped on the web for all to see the deceit of the Clinton campaign. What the emails revealed was the truth and Trump was seen incorruptible as it stands today. This can change as the future still states the antichrist rises.

   Those fighting for the forces of light knew Hillary had the media in her pocket to the point where rumors of those who did not follow orders from the top were let go or reassigned. It was those put in place by her campaign as a secondary line of defense to hack the voting systems in key states, but you the public are only aware of 2 in the network that were caught. The recount put in place by the Clinton use Stein as a proxy hoping to prove fraud as you were told this plan has failed as tomorrow is the deadline for changes. The Russia hack points in the wrong direction by design. Trump is America first and a nightmare to Russia and China as your news state the foolish moves with Taiwan. You cannot have it both ways?

   Russia does not leave fingerprints as to its spying and why waste it on Trump who was suppose to lose by a landside as Hillary and her staff were drinking Champaign in an assumed victory. The CIA has moles at it is they that is reinforcing the message as the White House all answering to another as they think it is the greater good. Again they are fools. I told Obama as you go out of office, you picked the wrong side. Would you please listen to Michele? The CIA will offer no proof and the cover is national security. What you need to understand as this nation knew this alleged hacking was coming and no countermeasures were put in place, as recounts are in place to prove this. This is how you know they are lying.

   The American people are no fools anymore and your false flag events that now has sweep into the media will be met with disdain. From pushing black lives matters and white supremacist attacks financed from one source to cause division. You created this false news and now that it bites back you recommend caution. Look at your recommendations that the common man should be responsible for analyzing its content and pay a price if it is passed on. That is your job, the way you have failed. So your emotional outbreaks as if you care are falling on deaf ears. The common man does not have a clue and this is your power. This will change.

   I told you Clinton had agreed to allow a limited nuclear war to reduce the undesirables as directed by the new world order. This was released in her emails. Again you dismiss this, but you know the players. This means Putin and China agreed to allow a limited response hitting their own populations and peace would be brokered by the antichrist. This has been delayed and the degree of intensity slightly lessens, but still will occur, but the greatest loss of life will occur on the Russian and Chinese homelands so that their 2 hundred million man army will be composed mostly of children. So the Chinese, Putin and Hillary answer to one, but point the finger of blame and hate towards Trump. Trump has the briefings in them nothing backs the Russian hack. By the way Hillary, the dark one is coming to collect the souls of you and your loved ones who have pledged in blood, remember the ceremony you discounted as protocol, since you failed your mission.

   This world refuses to believe what is written here so this is why you get a Warning. Only when you are brought to the brink that your fragile planet could cease to exist do you call on the Almighty and Jesus. So be it. The Update on the warning will shortly follow. Oh by the way Trump, Tillerson your choice as I did not catch the early news before this paper was written,  he can not handle the new world order as he is one of their pawns. His global moves will always have an underlying interest of his oil company as a compromise and it is this weakness that will be used against him. Well traveled, world class and connected yes, shrewd enough to out wit those that will try conquer this world, no. Heed this, but more important now that you have made a critical mistake keep him close.

   Hillary has failed in the election. Hillary has failed in the effort to get the proxy Stein to further her cause in the recounts. That is what you get when you send a lightweight to do a real job. Not to worry, had you been elected many like her would have been put in place by your administration and would have failed to serve the people again. This is why you reside in Chappaqua instead of The White House after Jan. 20. I use to want to stop there on my way to Brewster to fish as a young man, but the stench of things to come led me to pass. This was a gift from God.

   So now Hillary you are down to strike three. You are asking those who vote in the Electoral College to change their vote to a traitor and itís not Trump as we speak. Do you hear youíre self? No, so self serving as you truly believe you have this countryís best interest. Have you looked around at the plight of the Middle Class? Side deals with those who work for the head of the new world order, but you and the media spin it as conspiracy. It is one thing to create jobs; it is another to increase disposable income as this is the key. Increase in wages means nothing unless the share of the pie increases for the worker, this is the bottom line. Though listening to your Wall Street speeches, we know where you stand. Your job president-elect is to increase the standard of living, play the game of others before you and truly Trump, you shall be a one term president if you believe we have 4 years. Let me make this as clear as possible, Trump will be the last President of these United States.


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