Insight into the coming Disasters of Dec. 2012 and Beyond




Written Oct 20


   When the disasters hit shortly, I want you to reflect on the love of your families and that of God. For those who believe our life force was just randomly mutated in the seas of our primitive oceans, you are entitled to your opinion as I am not here to convince, but to open your eyes so that some may see the truth. Know this, if these disasters did not come few of you would survive what the NWO (New World Order) has planned for your physical bodies and upon death most would be lost. For the earth is now cleansing for your grand future, but this beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

   Many of you have followed this website for years as it was debunked heavily during the first 8 years after its inception in Nov. 2001 and still is by other means. With a pending announcement planned by Thanksgiving (delayed until after Obama is ratified by the electoral process as president) in the US or delayed if Romney wins or interference by the elite until you see with your own eyes the signs in the sky where an announcement is after the fact, you will realize the science here is the truth.

   Hence, most of what you have learned about the universe and the basic atom was wrong. The point, those with their flat earth theories and with knowledge of these events hidden from the public or so they hope will be, has been hand picked as the established spokesmen for the elite. The build up has already been started on the science channel shows as if they now have the answers. Look to their past and compare their theories of the past and how they were modified to mimic some aspects presented here when they were unpopular just a decade ago. The goal if you can’t beat them, join them and then influence.

   They cannot analyze what they do not understand, so why listen. This is for you in the media, be careful of the guests you present to educate the public as the public thirsts for knowledge when the truth is known. You will be doing a great disservice by giving an agent of the dark side a platform that seems legitimate. These events are about the battle of the souls and the pole shift as the means of equalizing the playing field of mankind.

   All of you shortly will not have a doubt in the science and politics of this website as it stands on its own over time. With that said, what many of you discount is the Word of God.

   I just want you to consider that there may be something here. For those of you know I am telling the truth, prepare for others so you can help them when they realize. When the warning comes, you would have heeded these words and many in your families will be saved from a death of shock.

   Let’s not go back to the days of Noah, when all laughed and only his family survived. Look at the signs around you; the elite are prepared to kill millions to save themselves. They will cut your supplies, divert protection and power, for some, water will be scarce as it is shipped overseas to the highest bidder. This is Romney’s agenda, bought and paid for through Super Pacs contributions. They expect a return on investment. I am here to make sure it will not be on the backs of the American citizen.

   The political and corporate systems have been infiltrated and the plans of the NWO are near completion. Will you vote them into power as they seem to consider the welfare of the people? But look closer as examples of how they will react, are there for you to see.

   In Europe, the banks destroyed the economy and the people are saddled with the debt. Spending cuts have crushed the economies to the point it hurts the US. This is the same plan in place for here. You have let politicians take a government in surplus that has put us in so much debt under the guise of freedom to get the bad guy on a false flag. The point, those in charge did not get the bad guy; Obama did to shut down the ruse.

   They raised the  ante set up a film to incite the Muslims funded by a certain country, then when the US moved an Ambassador to Benghazi in secret there was a force waiting and more important at the safe house. State secrets were leaked at the highest level, treason, and it was not the Obama Administration. America when Obama said national security, he meant it as what you think was a weakness was a betrayal of a friend. They cannot speak on it. 

   We have an election. So twisted, that most voters are not interested in political facts or even what is good the nation and this especially true for the white men in this nation. Now I do not fault you for opinion, you just need to know that you have been set up as smart as you are and only time will shed the light of truth. I only ask you for 1 percent of your faith and we will go from there by my actions. Can I have your 1 percent?

  This election is about, enough of the black president; we need one of our own. You have all heard the phrase “Lets put the white back in the White House”. If the white candidate is the best, so be it. It is not about race. It is about, who will do the best for America, without the media spin.

   So wrong is this concept as the one who seems different by color is one of your own. The common thread, he is human with common beliefs and principles. If Obama was white and part of the neo cons this election would be won in a landslide. Some time you need to look below the surface instead of following the heard.

   Is there any humility on the challenger side? They talk about you as human waste and even with the video, you still seem to think you are one of them. I am missing something here? Has hate blinded America so much that you refuse to see truth? 95 percent of you who are white men make below 150 thousand. Wake up, they are using you. 80 percent of the policies affect you, 20 percent affect the poor of which, and 50 percent are children. Think about it.

   You have a candidate covertly in the financial industry that is a control freak and you believe because you hear the word blind trust, he does not oversee it. Words of wisdom, a fool and his money are soon parted. Romney is no fool or does he allow anyone control his fortune without his input. This is the truth. The plant he is closing in Ill. Is his investment and money, let this fool no one. So when he states, “he is for the middle class and jobs” it is just talk as his actions with his money shows his true colors.

   Many of you do not realize, this is a test to do what is right in the eyes of God for you will learn we are all one shortly. The Almighty has chosen locations of disaster to bring home a point, few deaths for now, but the affected will lose everything of material wealth.

   It is about your soul, this is the lesson you need to learn on earth. Once stripped of almost all belongings, but the clothes on your back, you will value family, love, and support of others. Then a spark will ignite in what you will soon learn is your soul and you will know there is a God. He has been waiting for you and now He will protect you in your grief.

  Heed this; the first areas devastated in the United States will be mainly in republican areas. Aloof you are, but now will be brought down to the same status of those on welfare. Let’s see how you adjust, no hand outs, you are on your own. This will be your choice.

   With Obama you will have tent shelter and food to sustain life. Romney, well lets just say, you will know the meaning of have nots. You will choose your future, one on the truth and how government affects your world or hate and then you deserve what is coming so you will change. For it is saving the soul that counts for it is eternal, and death is just a transition phase.

   Almost all of this, the earth changes was covered in the Grant Chronicles will now manifest itself. Know that if prepared with the Word of God upon death, there will be a temporary separation from your loved ones. Follow the elite and you lose everything. This is the test facing mankind. Let’s all pass and leave no one behind.


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