The World Debates



Written March 12


   America you have watched Netanyahu stir Congress. You have all said Iran is out of control and Congress needs to take action now, but this was said decades ago with a 5 year window. At least 15 years have past from your initial claims, yet your best analyze Iran nuclear capabilities and chirp like a parrot. They are either incompetent or lying. They are lying. The nukes if they get them, will come from Russian rogues, but acting on the behalf of the new world order or the East. This is only news to you the media as governments on all sides know this. Crude weapons that are manufactured and assembled in Iran, which will be detected from space super secret neutrino detectors, due to weight cannot be delivered to target with current Iranís missile or bomber technology, which you monitor. Smuggle it in by tractor trailer then know Israelis your government can also track any nuclear device from space as they share US technology. If it explodes in your nation on target your leaders let it in by design to initiate Armageddon.

    Oh you ask if the US had this technology then why was there a war over WMD? They tried to plant them to justify the war. Research the military families who lost loved ones to cancer (radiation poisoning) in the military hospitals of Germany who delivered packages in Iraq. Exhume the bodies for proof before they are now moved. The ground is frozen in most of the US and can not be tampered with quickly to account for all.

   The only window of opportunity is a random EMP solar flare pulse from the Sun blinding all detectors after the fact, but pressure variances caused by missiles, planes and submarines in the air and water on the move release a certain subatomic particle. When any mass compresses there is a pop of particles. This is physics 101 and creates a detectable stream if you know what to look for. This will neutralize the threat if you start now. Remember their will be an overall compression factor introduced by the EMP pulse itself that has to be considered, the variances of the earthís magnetic field and magnetic polar positions now on the move.

   Standard tactics uses a freshman Congressman to present the bill that undermines leadership is by design as none of the seniors will take a fall. This you now see. I told you, create the problem then offer a solution. This time Obama is being directed (herded) to maintain his policy, but consider the UN to take control, thus as the media portrays circumvent Congress. The UN is just another tentacle of the new world order. This was the goal. Letís see how this plays out now that a dime as been dropped.

   Ask who built the centrifuges past the many layers of sub contractors?  It wonít be Russia or China, but West who seems to be threatened, provided the technology knowing it would lead to this. Do your research, but only to a point that you live to write about it.


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