Written Aug. 25 11: 30pm EST


   This evening many in this nation and other areas of the globe mourn the passing of John McCain, who was seen by many as a war hero, a maverick in the Senate and twice a presidential candidate. Yesterday a message was posted for him to change his ways, but that chance was abbreviated due to a harden heart. He was warned, but in his arrogance did not believe, so be it. The Almighty speaks, “Those who I send, may convey a harsh message to save your souls, but I your Father know what is needed to bring you home to My Kingdom, which I have prepared for your salvation. It is only if you accept the abundant Mercy of My Son as Lord and Savoir. Those who have honored the dark one for years of their lives were given power and wealth and promises, for McCain who answered to only the new world order guided by the antichrist, now only your prayers can save him. It is up to you to make up the atonement needed to avoid the abyss. He screams in fear as his spirit gazes down at the lake of fire and feels the burning, the creatures absent as they are all roaming earth.” In McCain words from beyond death of his body, “Please do not follow the path of the new world order my fellow Senators and Congressman, for I did not have the courage to tell the world upon my death bed and I truly regret this. I am thankful that the Almighty has given me a chance to warn you from beyond the veil. I was a fool while living as power corrupted me in that I had the best interest of those who voted for me. At first they told me this is how we advance and the general public does not know what is good for them and we must lead. We could be rich and help our constituents. This was the promise. It was a lie and I almost fell in a scandal, but with death as I still live in spirit would change everything if given the chance again.” The Almighty speaks, “I AM your Father, God Almighty have granted you this gift to hear from a lost one. Heed this.”

  I need not go into the crimes, he committed against this nation, but point out his torture ended when the North Vietnamese found out he was the son of an Admiral. No man refuses to leave Hanoi Hilton unless the treatment was not as brutal as perceived. A noble statement, I will stay until the last man comes home. This was scripted and he was fed look at the videos. He was being groomed by the CIA for political reasons. This accounted for his scripted rise. Supported by the new world order to be groomed for president one day he got caught in the Arizona financial scandal. Let off to connections and they said he did not know, but had no problem spending the money hidden overseas. What he was guilty of in a military court unknown to the general public, sentenced him to the boot.

  The boot is an electronic monitoring device for listening, proximity body heat sensors, classified sensors, and GPS location. He had to wear this, as seen in many photos. Hillary has the same boot.  What was planned for the general population by the new world order, by Hillary and many others in your government is beyond your comprehension as this is why The Father will cleanse this world by fire and billions will die rather than give their souls over to satan. The world will be given all knowledge of those you revere at the warning and you will have a few scant months to change.

   I have told you abortion is murder and same sex is an abomination, but you listen to another. You were told murder will be become common and your children disappear and accident not accidents. Earth changes so severe that Climate Change will be dismissed as the true cause. Yes there will be greater persecution and is of the Church as the faithful leave now accelerated pace as sexual crimes against the innocent are revealed in exponential numbers. This is what you face and few more are listening, but not enough. Now, I have come after McCain many times here in the past and he dismissed my words as a bluff, especially yesterday. Today he is not here, that is the bottom line.

  Now for the media do not praise a man when you know little of his sins and if you dare come out against these words here, what McCain has done against humanity shall be revealed. Please test me.

   For Clinton I hope you learn by example for patience with you is shorter than with McCain. And just know we have something special for you, as your disease (Oh I forgot the general public does not know) accelerates, all will see. Again you are given the same choice reveal the truth on the new world order or join McCain. Yes they will kill you, but your soul will be saved and in Heaven. It is your choice, remember, as I am only the messenger, the Deliverer for the Almighty. Death comes at His Hands, who is the Author of Life.

   In closing, I wish peace and prayers for McCain’s soul as his and everyone else is precious in the Almighty’s eyes, and it is only the Truth that can set us free. Please send your prayers, he needs them. I give so much credit to McCain for reaching beyond the veil and no matter his past on earth, he is a hero on the other side in my eyes. This is all that counts.


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