The Warning

Additional Modification



Written Dec. 13 2am EST


   I am now allowed to give certain modifications and a few more details as to what will happen during the Warning as to counter scientists put in place by the elite to lie through the Grace of God.

   The schism within the Catholic Church has reached new levels unseen since Christ, our Lord and Savior walked this earth. If you donít believe, fine as you will be the chafe discarded in the Bible. Abortion can now be forgiven by a priest, but it is with atonement, repentance and Jesus that forgives sins, not a pill or procedure. Adultery from divorce is now allowing wayward Catholics to receive the Host of Communion, a representation of the Body and Blood of the Son of God, Jesus in a soul that is in a state darken by sin and you expect Jesus in spirit to reside there? If you are one of His then you are forgiven and move on. The clue is acceptance of your children who was hurt, but love conquered hate between the spouses. The acceptance of gay priests and life style as this is a model for the world to follow and only four of clergy publicly speak out about this? Thank you, Francis for promoting sin as a pope. This is why you are the false prophet. This is why the Warning is coming. The point is that sin is being presented as more acceptable, thus some will have no regrets for their actions.

   You were told, the point of the comet explosion in our atmosphere is off the Southeastern US seaboard and this has not changed. With Niribu just south of this solar systemís ecliptic and moving towards Earth, the approaching comet will ride in a zone of least resistance slightly above the ecliptic with the earth dead on as the gravitational and repulsion particle crowd the area just below the ecliptic. The clue here is that if the closest point of passage skirts off the Southeastern US coast line we are looking at a late spring early summer passage. This is due to the tilt of the earth.

   Your government knows of the comet and its approach, but will not tell you until the final days when all see. It is approaching from the sun so the masses will not see it until the final days as the brightness of the sun and daylight will provide a stealthy approach. Only during the final 10 days of sunset and to the minor sunrise will the population catch glimpses of their impending doom. The last few days will strike fear in the hearts of all men. Catholics is would be wise to confess all your sins in Confession. This is a major tip.

   Ask, we have a sky survey and this comet has passed through the solar system before. As scientist would they not know? Yes, but they are quiet as to not allow the world to prepare. This is you Middle and Lower Class America and all third world countries. Yet you are to listen to them for scientific explanations and hope. They lie and their theories worthless. As for the media they are just talking heads without a clue and when the earthís atmosphere gives way and rolls back like a scroll, they will be just like you. This is written.

   The comet will shift suddenly in the closing days to skirt within the earthís atmosphere. At 50000 mph plus on a pass by it will rip the upper Ionosphere and some of the Stratosphere away from the earth primarily at the closest point of passage, off the southeast US coastline. The problem is the comet out gassing filling in the suction void and captured on the backside. This is a blessing for the US as the air will be pulled from other parts of the globe filling the vacuum created. But most important the rush of air to fill the void will create a thunderous clap that will shake the core of this earth. All will fear for their lives. With the upper atmosphere in turmoil stirred by the passage and the upper atmosphere ripped away, auroras will descend to high cloud level and the sky go crazy as the solar wind energizes atmospheric atoms now close to the surface of the earth. Folklore from the Indians warned of a time when our atmosphere will seem to go unusual and it will be so.

   The problem will be the cometís out gassing captured by earthís gravity and filling in 180 degrees on the backside from the closest point of passage. A severe drop in temperatures will occur for at least 10 days when dust is infused into our atmosphere and the clouds roll back like a scroll due to the forward pressure of the advancing comet. Your scientists will have no answers to change things as Hillary did in the election.

   Billions will die, but only millions will be reported to reduce fear and raise hope through a slanted media. As the goal for those in the new world order will be for the elite to conquer Africa and South America through population reduction of useless eaters. Focus will be on rebuilding and the theme of hope shall be presented, but no reference to Jesus who showed your sins in stark silence for 15 minutes during the events of the warning, its primary purpose. The by- product of the cometís tail, will be the off-world dusting of crops thus leading to a famine or poisoning in certain parts of the world to start. Heed the message as it was written in Revelations.


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