The Spread of Pestilence will Grip the World

What is its Source?




Written June 13


   Mankind in its arrogance has fallen into a love of self and has chosen to ignore Godís Laws justifying their actions as God would never truly hurt his own. This is where you are mistaken with the meaning of hurt as you equate death as being hurt, but it is the loss of oneís soul that is hurt. Knowing the grip that evil holds over this earth the Almighty will systematically remove his own by any means necessary in order to save souls. To those living on earth this will induce great pain with the loss of life, but with little knowledge of life after death most will be pleasantly surprise when the Chastisements now facing earth are over.

   The spread of pestilence will be first by the hands of man as seen with the Ebola outbreak and the allowance of infected people to travel with impunity among the general population and we wonít even discuss Anthrax. With the Bilderberg conference closing down the main topic in a certain room was how to reduce the earthís population in the western countries as 3rd world countries would reduce on their own due to famine and loss of infrastructure shortly. So mutated viruses now stored in the CDC secret facilities are being discussed on how mimic a true outbreak through a controlled spread causing fear then unleash a total outbreak tracing the source to infected travelers trying to return home. They will say there is a vaccine that all must take and this is the key to increasing the infection and death rate. A controlled story where survival and hope is seen with the few that get the real vaccine, but millions shall die where the media does not venture as bodies are burned or buried quickly in mass graves. This is their plan.

   Shortly following there will be reports of red rings on the skin of many and those who started the infection will know this is something new. Their worry is there is no vaccine and this could kill those in control and their families. Analysis of those infected showed a mutation in the human DNA for some and others totally unaffected. Mankind will have no control over this pestilence when Jesus opens the Fourth Seal.

   As the distance between the 12th planet and earth closes, as earthís orbit has halted and cannot back up anymore due to the repulsion force from the other planets and pressure from sweeping particle stream emitted from the Sun along the ecliptic. All of you will be stunned when other worldly objects appear and stay in your skies as your scientists lie in their explanations. The earthís core swollen and in motion is emitting particular particles that changes animal and human DNA. The side effects are going create this new disease and increase animal violence and mutations against mankind. Creatures not seen for thousands of years be seen and rumors terrifying the country side will abound. This disease will take the young and the old, the rich and the poor.  There will be no cure only stopping when 25% of mankind perishes, although the public will never be told the true numbers.

   This is by your own abide as the rules set down by the Almighty, the Ten Commandments and His Son Jesus stating love another as you love your self. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorra for homosexuality and you think He will not do this again. Are you treating the unborn as yourself or is this an excuse that it will cramp your life style after a night of pleasure you invoked, but now you want to shed the responsibility? Pestilence is coming to remove evil and cleanse this sorry world, but the sad part is that many good people and children will be taken, only to save their souls as most would succumb to evil when put to the test of life and death.


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