Political Snapshot Dec 1 2012

The Benghazi Incident Update


Written Dec 1  

   After the election Benghazi is still in the news, but why? As the New World Order tightens its grip on this world, cracks in the façade promoting freedom and suppression of terrorism is beginning to pierce the veil of deceit. You were told the attack on the Libyan embassy was planned and executed with precision on a site only those within the inner circle of the State Department and the CIA knew the precise location of the ambassador on Sept. 11.

   Betrayed by an insider that had links back to a certain Middle Eastern country and those ranking high in the Military and CIA, the choice was made to embarrass the administration while embroiling the region further into an escalating situation leading to possible war. A firefight that lasted hours with satellite and drone real time video. Where was the support, again like in 911 the orders where from within the military to stand down and this came from the top of the CIA.  Benghazi was within range of air support and drones that never arrived as firepower support.

   The group that carried out the attack was paid mercenaries from different nations sprinkled with al qaeda types if killed and recovered, the finger of blame would point to terrorism. They were covertly funded by a US ally along with the trigger a film of hate. This was not about Allah and the Moslem agenda, but the almighty dollar and stirring trouble in the Middle East to garner support for action against a certain country.

   Everyone keeps overlooking intel that gave away the ambassadors location and safe houses, as its source was from a high level insider. But more important the back up, just disappeared in a web of bureaucracy. This was the plan. The sub agenda is if the incident does not derail the administration to affect the election immediately, feed the spokesmen information that would be questioned. This is why Benghazi became a main point in the election and now Susan Rice as she is a threat if in a position to lead the State Department.

   Most know that Susan Rice read a prepared statement written by the CIA and responsibility rests only on Hillary as the filter. So why is there so much intensity of hate directed towards Susan and not Hillary or the Intelligence Community? The UN ambassador does not set precedence for the State Department, nor should burden the blame.

   General Petraeus was set up and in essence kicked to the curb for undermining the present administration and this time some of the moles within the military were booted also.

   As internal fighting escalates within this nation, which is based upon the up coming earth changes, it is about the role of leadership for the nation in the time of crisis. Had Romney won, infrastructure repairs, vital supplies, food and civilian protection would have been diverted to the needs of the wealthy. Many would have been transported here secretly for protection and safety. He lied to you and for many of you disillusioned supporters, you would have died in the rubble or starved in fields awaiting help from your leader. Hate clouds your perception of deceit and this is by design.

    In the coming months to years Obama needs a secretary of state that will not compromise him as many in his own party have. Kerry still owes the establishment and can be compromised to a certain degree and Obama knows it having experienced it with Hillary. Those behind the New World Order prefer someone they can control and to have the ability to steer the foreign policy of this nation behind Obama’s back. Messages sent to world leaders that cannot be compromised as Susan cannot be bought at this present time. This is their problem. This is the reason for the engineered smear. Look at the collusion of repetitive statements along the same theme when asked for an opinion. Where are the details? Where is the drone film at 11? Why is most of the flack coming from outside of the Senate Intelligence Committee? Plausible reasons to disqualify, none. Association by pointing a finger, yes as this is your clue.

   The leaders of many nations as well as many members of Congress are now aligned secretly with the NWO and as changes are to be made to your laws that seem protect rights your freedom will be taken. This is collusion on a global level with nations backing each other and the people none the wiser as they are led down a path like children by a Piped Piper.

    All of you have been told of the final battle between justice and light versus the dark side and deception where millions die. You are now living in that time. The point denial will only lead to death or worse, persecution. All of you need to open your eyes, as time is short.

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