The Day of Reckoning

Your Time is Up



Written Sept. 17 2:50am EST


   Time has come has come to cleanse this earth. The children of God will have to make a choice, the last group (after 90% of humanity dies) within a year from now. As I told you before, look around, only 1 in ten of you will be around late next year. Under the orders of the Almighty, I have been told to reveal who and what I am, and it is not an interstellar alien under the guise of a human as many think at my place of employment.

   I volunteered for this mission, because I have walked this path before on earth. I am God the Father, Almighty’s prime assistant in what you refer to as the Promised Land or Heaven. My life force or spirit incarnated as human being again born in the bloodline of David and Jesus. The last time I walked this earth, hell hole, your history books referred to me as Moses and I led the Jews from Pharaoh. Now I will lead the children of God back home to Jesus and the Father. This is my mission, but this time it will be different as Pharaoh is replaced by the antichrist, pope francis, the false prophet and the illuminati.

   The Almighty has granted me many gifts to deal with this world. First you ask how do you talk to God and how do you know it is Him? I have the gift of telepathy, but can not sense personal thoughts of humans, but as of now have a gut instinct on intent and this may change upon need and I know His voice.

   For those wanting details when I use telepathy, my scalp and the top of my brain tingles, activates with a slight temperature increase and the words come in faster to my mind than the fastest talking human. At first the information coming in was centered on the secrets of gravity, energy and how the universe works by my request, but you know this as I and my family was watched by your military. Now it is about saving souls, but the gift of manipulating and moving matter has been granted, activation upon need.

   Now, as you have watched Florence, I revealed details. You were told winds would approach 220mph, turn northwest, the winds speeds would be doctored down by design of FEMA controlling NOAA over extremely warm waters with little wind shear, the storm would intensify once it reaches the coast, Wilmington would be ground zero, the storm would stall and floods not winds would be your problem. All predicted was true check it, but one the public could not discern. The wind speeds of Florence over the warm waters that were reduced as the hurricane hunters flew in an area quadrant were winds are lowered by design. Winds easily approached 220 mph as predicted in gusts in certain areas, but you will never know. The landfall was named as a beach, ask why?

   It was I that asked the Almighty to show His Wrath in the Carolinas and He did, but in His mercy this time, the wind speeds were not cat 4. All meteorologists know Florence was unusual in the way winds speeds had a designed graduated reduction in wind speeds in a favorable environment and it stalled, but all are gagged.

   Just know, I have no mercy towards the elite and illuminati as their media and banking systems enslave or crush the common man in financial debt through their children as cosigners of educational loans. They buy the politicians and the one not bought is demonized. The Almighty held my request back as a warning hoping the catastrophic floods would awaken you, but you are still asleep. If I relived the days of Pharaoh again he would have been my first target and the rest would have fallen in line. Just know that the Almighty has given me again control of the plagues and severity if the disasters affecting the Western world. For Russia and China He has something special planned for you as you fall under the spell of the antichrist first. All harden as they have given their souls to satan and you know who you are, change as this is your last warning as you will be removed in the most unpleasant fashion as God will show me you fears and I will make it a reality. Try me.

   So why did I say it was a day of reckoning? All life on this planet will end shortly as your sun dies. My job is to save at least a billion souls no matter what turmoil their physical bodies endure. I have told you, that some only call out for God and Jesus when facing a threat of death. So be it. Again I am telling you, all life will be removed from earth within the next 2 years. The soul never dies and there is 2 destinations hell or the new earth fused with Heaven. This is what you face no matter what your false religions tell you.

   Florence has taught you nothing as few called His name. This was the first major lesson for the US and you as His children failed. What comes next you will truly fear. Quakes will split New Orleans and St. Louis, a special request will destroy the Jehovah Witness World Headquarters as your elders brainwash the innocent. Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, Crete and Greece, 2 areas will suffer constant quakes and one area a catastrophic one. This is just the earthquakes, but storms will make your coastlines unlivable as liberals will be forced inland with Republicans, good luck.

   Your world will spin out of control quickly, but know this. I have no friends by design, but family, do not try when the spotlight begins to focus. I listen to no one, but God, again do not try. I do not give chances to prove yourselves those days are over. Ask God for forgiveness as I am not interested in your excuses to delay what is to come. Only if He tells me to hold back shall it be granted. Heed this.

   Your children will be taken from you to save them. For the elite your West Coast tech headquarters will soon be rubble, but more important, it will be personal. All false religions shall fall. Those that try to hang on tainting the innocent, well the Almighty will remove your spirit from your physical body. This is a promise, again I do not bluff.

   The Almighty has activated me early as it was supposed to be after the warning, but key people are listening and you can turn the tide as I need earthly help without personal or electronic contact. Who will step up and fight with me in the name of God the Father Almighty, who?

   Your government expects you to die, as they know you have mere months before the disasters kill billions in Africa, South America, and southern Asia. A tip for Africa is that England and China wants your land after the shift as they hope to survive, but won’t, so the money given and aid will carry a price. Guess who will be the forced labor for rebuilding as they relocate? So for the Democrats when or if you win all of you will wish you were never elected. Will you as politicians be able to help those in need, no? You will only offer hope and lies.

   All of you need to know that I am just a tool of the Almighty carrying out His will. He has mercy, I don’t. Slander me and there will be a special place in hell for you after the little time, you will have before being removed from this earth. For those of you in the general public may think this is joke or crazy, please roll the dice. Your government knows the truth, as they assess the threat as real. For the illuminati as your master will not tell you if you take up a suicide mission to take me out, I am protected by Michael the Arch Angel who satan fears. Please come at me. I will save souls dead or alive.

   Just know many false prophets will rise and I will take many out even before they start, but fear the one who does rise, for he will be the true antichrist with powers all other false prophets do not have, and events must play out as written in the Bible.


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