Reflection on the Birth of Christ


Written Dec. 15 2 am EST

   On a day represented by Dec. 25 over 2000 years ago, a Savior pure in spirit was incarnated as a man and born. Born to fulfill the most important mission on earth, to save the everlasting souls of mankind, who interbred with and are the Children of God. He came to break the lock, sin has on mankind and for you to learn there is another path, as all have free will. His birth foretold in the Torah and Old Testament, as the Savior of this world.

   The Father God Almighty sent is only Son to save His children, from the one who was cast below. Those voices you may hear in your head are real to commit sins and are the essence of evil itself. You are not talking to yourself, you are talking to him. Christ was born on this earth to teach you the ways of the Father. Christ came to earth to enlighten and provide a path upon death to your body, elevating to happiness of the soul. Christ delivered the Word of God to mankind through His disciples, which was etched in their minds. Even with all of this, He still had to die for the sins of mankind, that has occurred in the past and is out of control today. [Reflect.]

   When Christ came to earth, it was love He sought from His Fatherís children, which had to be in the purest form. Not some perception of magnificent God draped in wealth, as a physical being among the elders. Many have been lost because of this error and many more still to come, but this can change for all. Christ did not come as a ruler, He came to serve mankind. As the few saw Him, for what he was, the Savior of all of mankind. [Reflect.]

   A Reflection on the Birth of Christ puts in perspective, what mankind should be thankful for and Christmas is a celebration of that event, His birth. This what Christ needs you to reflect on, as you enjoy the company of your family, because many wonít. [Finally, Reflect on that.]

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