When the Church removes Sin as a Cause to be Banished from Salvation: God will Forgive all as it is Written

What is the truth?

The Book of Truth


Written Mar 7


   The key component of the antichrist plan is to encourage mankind to sin in the eyes of God without remorse. A plan crafted over the centuries and now fined tune, with his false prophet now in place, we will be told that God forgives all sin. This is true. Man is weak. This is true. All will be saved by God in the end for the Bible states all sin was forgiven by of Jesus death on cross in one hand and others just state without recognizing Jesus, God forgives sin. The new Church shortly to be embraced by all will state this and mankind will welcome this change as our deepest wants are now free to be enacted on others without fault. When embraced by the Church and pope, few will question. So where is the Truth?

   I ask you as parents who love their kids when they go astray and get into trouble. As parents you love them and only seek to help them by putting in place a set of rules so they will assimilate into society, though it is true that some are too strong or weak a work in progress. You forgive them as you are daddy or mom. Everyone makes mistakes. Now, what if your children expect you to forgive them, when they make a mistake all the time where disrespect replaces I am sorry? How deep would your forgiveness be without any remorse on a constant basis? Just how long would they be living at your house? And you now think that in the house of God things would be different?

   When you are told sin is ok, it is by your peers, not God as now a bunch of spiritual children who answer to another sit on the seat of Peter can change the Laws of God. Know this: they do not serve God. What you would not accept in your house with its rules, do not expect that this now would change in Godís house. What you will hear are lies. Jesus does love all of you no matter what your sin, but you must come to Him and ask forgiveness with true remorse, know the difference no matter what you are told or see.


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