Protoplanetary Disk Around a Pair of Red Dwarf Stars

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   The concept of 2 rotating binary stars creating gravitational waves (mankind's eplantion of gravity) that may be responsible for preventing planetary formation is presented in the drawing below. Of course this directly conflicts with the discovery of a planet in a triple star system. Your first question should be why would disk of gas form in a plane with the binary stars when an elliptical bubble gas held by gravity be its natural shape? Wouldn't the shape of the disk be affected by the mass of the stellar partners, their position, and motion about a common center? All more examples of why present day theories on gravity and planetary formation fall short. 

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Planetary Formation

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Astronomers were surprised to discover a 25-million-year-old protoplanetary disk around a pair of red dwarf stars 350 light-years away in the Stephenson 34 system. Gravitational stirring by the binary star system (shown in this artist's conception) may have prevented planet formation.

Image Credit: David A. Aguilar (CfA)

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