Super Storm Sandy


Written Oct. 31



It has started, this super storm was a tepid response of chastisement, where loss of life was kept to a minimum by prayers, but the destruction of property was horrific. One only needs to look at the primary targets of the storm, Wall Street and Atlantic City, this was not by mistake. Arriving at high tide, at night and on the full moon was not by accident. Were republican areas devastated, yes? Look at the primary disaster zones Long Island coastal rich areas, Nassau & Staten Island counties, southern and central New Jersey and the Connecticut gold coast.

   Will the elderly republican vote be impeded in some areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey as the storms inconvenience many, as a response to voter suppression, yes?  Heed the message, as these words were told to you in advance and your need to change as this was no ordinary storm. This was the pebble, now comes the stone and brick since reading your minds for this selected event without being intrusive, many of you of are unconvinced.

    Now most of you are saying these are statements after the fact, yes that is true as it was foretold with few details, but enough were there to make you think and choose freely, concentrate on the common thread. Between now and the new year many will realize the storms, quakes, tsunamis and signs in the sky speak more than nature.

   The elite have a master plan for all of you, but you do not see it. They mask their deeds as the common good as they pick your pockets and fill your head with lies. It is now so common in our political process when you say a lie several times, the statement now transforms into the truth. What is so sad; is that many of a certain segmented group in America wants to believe.

    America needs to know what Romney wanted, is to cut your safety net. Yes you republicans and many democrats have had as your houses flooded with no flood insurance. Businesses in a recovery now faced with no support. More important, he wants the states to care for those in disasters. What happens when the state cannot support the event? Do you let certain areas of America fall? Worst of all Romney has known of these events for decades and with his free choice wants FEMA shut down by the suggestion of the elite. The elite want the support going to the public no matter who there are, to cease. Do you still want to believe the lies?

   In order to save the many, the few at the top need to be impacted and this has commenced and shall escalate sharply in response to the push back and there aggression against the people of the world. Mankind is directly responsible for the intensity of the events to come. Personally my prayers were to spare lives and this was granted as the storm death toll was as any other storm and my prayers go out to those that lost their lives.

   Know this; all will know or fear in the back of their mind, future events are by the hand of God by the acts of men, all to prevent a greater death toll planned by the elite. Expect the unexpected as after Dec. 21 your world will never look the same. Jesus loves you.


All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2012