A Warning to Those Who Are Trying to Change the True Tally of the Vote on November 6 in Certain States




Written Nov. 4


   The election process that our founding fathers established was to give the people a choice of representation that reflects their needs and beliefs. Lately this process has been tampered with, to advance an agenda. In this election the victor will be elected by the true vote and those that used covert tactics to change the results will be punished. Pray that you are caught by men rather than by who I am sending after you for justice in this great nation. Those of you who engineered it and your workers will suffer staring at the top. Take that chance if you think my words are empty as they are backed by the Almighty. Enough of the bomb threats, intimidation and ballot manipulation, we are not electing a 3rd world despot here; this is the president of the United States. Where in this country, a free and true vote cast by the people stands for freedom. Ask yourself, if the good of the middle class is at stake then why the need for voter fraud and suppression or are you saying the American voter is too stupid to know what is good for this country? What is the true agenda of the super rich backing the Republican Party? Lies will fool some of the people, but lies will not fool all of the people.


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