The Fall of the Vatican


Written Feb. 13 2012

Updated Feb. 26 2012

   So what is the plan of the false prophet once on the seat of Peter in Rome, after Pope Benedict is pushed out of the Vatican by a plan already in place? His successor, that has been foretold in the Book of Revelations and in the 3rd letter of Fatima will not come from the Almighty. Yet he will profess to all, through signs in the sky and Stigmata, that he is Christ incarnated on earth. The light and the dark both have the ability to manipulate the appearance and condition of the flesh. You have been told during the End Times, many of the faithful and the sacred servants would be fooled and fall to his feet in praise. You have also been told, many will come in the name of your Savior, Jesus, but all will be false. This especially stands even for this future pope, no matter what signs shown. As those fallen angels aligned with the dark one, soon to be incarnated in man as prophesized will have supernatural powers. Mankind a life form like a child in the universe, has little guidance of that which is unseen except for that the Holy Word within the Bible. But as science advances creating what seems like wonders and still does not have a clue has many believing there is no God. I ask you, scientists, do you really want to stand by this and bet your soul? Trust me, during the warning, you will realize your mistake, but will you have enough time to change? This is the gamble that is in front of you.

   He will try to change the basis of the Catholic Faith, the Holy Trinity. As he will profess himself as Christ and there is one god to which all allegiance shall go to. The Holy Spirit will be removed for a reason. All shall worship the one god, but those who are ensnared, shall be pointed to the dark one, who, you were told would reign in the end times. That period of the Great Chastisement will start on or near the galactic alignment 12/21/2012. As that which is the antichrist, will incarnated in a man with family lineage tied to the Rothschilds' and England, and will be adored by mankind. Persona seasoned over the eons of time, smooth, access to almost unlimited wealth acquired over centuries, a sense of giving to those in need, while working for peace in order to solidify power throughout the world as the leader of the NWO.

   What is in giving a trillion dollars to save parts of the world beyond that could be salvaged, when the more important gain is the confidence of the world. The family has raped the world over the centuries through interest rates charge to countries for their own money. The family accumulated well over 700 trillion through the banks of Europe and the Federal Reserve on the backs of taxpayers and by timing expansion and contraction the stock markets of the world with preposition financial bets. Acquisition of promising companies in need of capital. Removal of the best of world's art and knowledge value unknown when bought, but centuries later a leap in technology. This is the same group that purchased all stolen from the library in Alexandria, a crime covered by the fire. A small price to pay to control the world. The Catholic Church none the wiser is promoting the NWO in its Mass without knowing, that it is the NWO that will be use as a tool to steal souls from the Almighty and destroy the foundation of the Catholic Church. All to confuse and glorify this man as the single source of change with the faithful, when the battle of the souls escalates.

   Now what would cause the removal of a Pope Benedict before his death in the Vatican. Plans, already laid from within by the same group, which withheld the Fatima letter in preparation of the false prophet, needs to create division within the Church. This will be accomplished by a set of laws that seem to protect the rights of those who do not want to participate in public prayer. It will start in England affecting first, public places, then schools, then within the church itself, driving prayer and the celebration of the Mass underground. Through fear and intimidation other countries in Europe will follow, like dominos falling. It will be the lost of the faithful, funds and the closing of churches all created to achieve a means, forcing a change at the Vatican.

   As the pope is removed amid scandal, then all eyes turn towards the United States and the destruction of the Church here. Here many of the Faithful are disillusioned and looking for guidance as some are forced underground, but this will not last long. This why you must know the scriptures, for your memory may be the only source of the Holy Word as Bibles will be scarce. Countering that which has all resources and power, backed by evil planned over thousands of years, will not fall easily. What will be given to the faithful will the divinely inspired Most Holy Words contained in the Book of Truth. A Book just like the others in the Bible to reveal the total truth of God's Plan for today's world and the mysteries of faith long hidden by time and man. With this addition, the Holy Bible will release many secrets to give a total understanding of man's relationship with God. The Book of Truth will unleash the truth of the Holy Word, that which is contained in the Bible, the foundation of the Catholic faith, the Church started by Jesus, backed by the Almighty.

   The pattern here again with the NWO is, lay a foundation, create the problem and then offer a solution that the people will choose by free will. For some now in this world, you now know, you do not control your destiny with a job, a vote to govern your country, the media to present the truth, and now a moral life. A set of events occur, both sides are manipulated to where good that could affect the citizen is tried and is allowed to fail. What was never considered as a solution to the original problem, is now accepted. This has happen many times in the history of earth.

   Look closely at the current set of world events. The war in Syria, the obstruction in the Congress of the United States, the energy policy of the world, the financial status of many countries in the world near collapse. There are many examples, but do you have the courage to look beyond the veil of deceit. Lets plant the seed of change on how you see this world. Prayers have saved millions, as the Earth changes have been muted by the Almighty and His mercy for His children. We need you, the leaders, the media to open your eyes to avoid a suffering that no man or woman should endure. Step up to plate and make a real difference in this world. It is about change behind the scenes, where you are protected, but accomplish the task.

   Warnings have been sent, but still few are listening. So now, you will listen the Almighty. "England, if you continue to hide and promote the deceit of that which is dark, you will reap what you sow. Here this, the Atlantic tsunami intensity will be determined by your actions, since your country will host the antichrist. Pass that law that bands public prayer and the warning systems that you hope will save your elite, shall fail. Winds will ground air transport and you the elite that hope to escape will suffer a fate worse than the general population. Your country has enslaved millions in your colonies. Arranged the assassination of Gandhi  in the house of lords. Raped resources in the name of establishing peace, like South Africa. And you consider your country civilized?"

  "Your country will be scoured to the bedrock and the faithful and innocent will miraculously be found safe in the mud and debris. Don't expect the same for yourselves and those that back the dark one. Make a choice and you will stand by its consequences, it is time to put the people of England first."

   So why would Europe be the first to fall prey to the dark veil? The introduction of the Euro was designed to put in place, a mindset that one currency can work and many countries with different backgrounds can be governed financially as one, but England kept its pound. Seamless trade, a stable currency that the people of Europe could depend on. In time the currency did work. In fact it worked very well as its value did surpass the dollar. As time passed, America with a surplus, lost it due to a  massive war debt brought on by a false flag attack on American soil.

   The next step was to create a boom period as consumers used the rising equity in their homes to fuel the American economy. The mortgage crisis was deliberately started in the United States put an end to a surging economy, as firms sold short their customer's CMOs to many banks in Europe. Once toxic, the financial instruments were sold back to the US banking firms, for pennies on the dollar. Future financial instability in Europe was established, all planned. Then the Federal Reserve, owned by the bank of England with a hidden Rothschild at its head was allowed by Bush to hide the M-3 reports. As the flow of money printed is unknown. And you though the colonists won the war as all government debt is owed to the English elite, what fools.

   Moving on, this set into place, the opinion of the dollar becoming weak, so gold rose in price with the goal to remove this future asset from the public as it is sold at inflated prices. Coupled with fraud, theft, funneling of European government funds to private parties now starting to surface in the news by elected and appointed officials, the financial status of many countries are now in default with the collapse of the U.S. housing and world financial markets. Massive debt accumulated, all owed to financial tentacles of the NWO. As everyone is scrambling to prosecute the middlemen in  the plan, the focus is away from the point of attack. With mounting debt, massive unemployment all created with a goal, a choice will be forged by the free will of the citizens of the affected governments.

    First, withdrawal of operational capital for governments to operate, through the lack of institutional investors in the bond markets and the onset of inflation to hyperinflation, dependant upon the fragility of the local markets. This is already in place in some countries. Europe has been slated to fall first, as many thought Babylon in the Bible was America, but it is the European union that is Babylon. Greece has been chosen to be the point of execution. Recently the dark angels of Satan are now incarnated on Earth to prep the way for the dark one, the antichrist, has with some leaders of Europe already on board. Yes Europe, your leaders have sold you out. Bankrupt economies were by design and not a process of the free market system. In Greece you will hear the spin and may give away your rights just like in pre-war world 2 Germany did for a better life, but it gets worse.

  Can we change this? No, because it has to pass, but we can slow it and dull its affects by educating the public, that there are options. Many of you in the media are seeing these plans unfold, layer by layer. Are you going to stand by as the few powerful control the many weak? The antichrist does walk the earth, but the true spirit of the dark one is still yet to incarnate on earth. There is little time left until the galactic alignment.

   There will be offers of higher interest rates for bonds as a counter to raise funds, which cannot be supported by tax and revenue inflow of the governments. As the Euro varies in value, the elite are pre positioned on the short side, while at the same time, increasing the money supply through international monetary loans of question. The life savings of many citizens soon becomes worthless, although mortgages owed are to be paid off.  If some areas of inflation allow mortgages to be paid off by cheap money, gains there will be wiped out by already planned surtaxes on properties to close budget gaps. The people will spend in order to lock in some type of value with material goods. Their safety nets gone and most are now at the mercy of the banks by design. Governments shall cut workers to make ends meet, industry will reduce wages and benefits on the skilled labor force, unions dissolved. With riots, deliberate cut backs in basic supplies blamed on earth changes, the need for change is ripe. Remember this is a plan now in place and entering the last phases and the people of earth are none the wiser.

     A new currency shall emerge and will be promoted as stable by the same people who undermined the Euro and the collapse of the banking system. An exchange will be proposed as the solution. With rampant induced inflation, controlled distribution of goods and services, the solution will be accepted by the leaders in Europe. To the dismay of people, the Euro shall lose more value before the replacement occurs where the exchange rate favors the banks as a substitute for stability in the financial markets, based on their word. The key here this is reevaluate loans to reflect the value of new currency. Maintain the loan structure of debt by eliminating inflation as a factor, but allow this to affect goods and services in the general market. The crash also absorbs financial savings, retirement accounts and stock portfolios, wiping out the financial cushion of all who are not wealthy and prepared for change, by being short in the market, the funds change to those prepared. Behind the scenes, all major banks that seem independent are all under the same umbrella working in collusion. This is just one area of control the NWO has for Europe as a start.

    Second, the of offer jobs, removal of debt for the country, a gift of a fresh start as a member of the NWO. The population in its misery, will see no other option. With a biased media controlled by the NWO, opinions flooding the air waves, will back giving permission to their leaders to be governed by the one. It is here that you as a citizen, will freely give away your rights and country, if the plan is not stopped. Will it work? Yes, to some degree, as this is in the hands of mankind. Because, the power behind that which is evil, is great, and all facets of governments, humanitarian organizations and religions have been compromised.

   If you get this message out and recognized the steps needed to take action to preserve the sovereignty of your countries for its citizens, there will be a reduction of chastisement, but this is up to the individual soul. We need all of you to step it up, because currently in Feb. 2012, we are falling short on the prayers and actions of the others needed to turn this tide. So many of faithful dismiss the urgency of the matter, when it will be the suffering of your loved ones that shall cry out. And know this, it is your inaction that may prolong their suffering. They will come to and say, the few that are left, why didn't you stop them. You will say, I did not know it would go this far, but you did, as you are reading these words. Do you know the meaning of not leaving anyone behind? This is the case for the world, lets leave no one behind to a fate of suffering beyond the comprehension and tolerance of man in the dark one's hell.

   With any plan of deceit, the arrival of the dark one's inner circle has changed the game. Those European leaders seen as not being on board, will be used as an example enforce the rule of total obedience to others. Those with little choices of protection, some leaders will try opt out, thus, here they shall seal their fate, watch the news. Ten out of the seventeen countries in the Euro zone will fall to the beast starting with Greece and Italy following shortly. The dark one knows the Tsunami will destroy vast parts of Europe, breaking government hold on its people. So what is next?

   The dark one has promised the nations that have no tolerance for God, will rule. You, the leaders in Europe have sold out your citizens, but with most that have power, it is about influence that is bought. To the dark one, you are seen as weak for allowing religion to continue in Europe, this has no place in the NWO. You were given all resources to eliminate God's chosen in a world war, but failed. Instead, the bank that funded both sides, instructed the empire and its house of lords to take land away from their rivals with no compensation in order to set a point of conflict in the future by establishing a free state. If you gave fair compensation, there would be no problem today. But this is how the empire rules the world, through the tentacles of the NWO, which controls the bank of England and the Fed. To the NWO, you think you are executing a plan, when you are just part of the plan.

   As prophesized in the Bible, the red horse or red dragon is the second seal. China in unity with the bear, Russia will descend upon Europe in its weakest moments after the Atlantic Tsunami. As famine and lack of shelter plague survivors. Where those with resources, or what's left of them, are hiding in bunkers leaving the migrating populations to fend for themselves. NATO with defenses down, no fuel or power in the areas hit by the tidal waves and constant tremors as the land stretches destroying roads, bridges and imploding buildings. Timing of a strike is optimum.

   Why would the antichrist allow the beast with ten horns, the home of his devote followers the Illuminati to fall to the Communists? First and foremost, when the antichrist arrives in Dec. 2012 and walks in Europe, there is a problem. The faithful still practice, worshiping God and has not been forced underground in shame through persecution. It was expected that Illuminati, who has ruled earth for centuries under the Rothschild family would know this without having to ask, this should be so. With failure to anticipate the primary need of the antichrist, he calls in the communists who crush all beliefs in religion and to clean up the mess.

   Now you are thinking, that since you have held power over the country or one of its corporations, you can negotiate a leadership role as a liaison between the occupying military force and the people. You will be shown as a traitor. Not to be trusted, as you would be a sellout out your own people for your personal gain and safety. Your painful execution for crimes against the people will be publicized. The military shall rule Europe (Babylon) again as the group, a remnant group of the Illuminati that organized and pulled the string's of Hitler's SS will subjugate the of these Western countries again, ruthlessly.  Most will fall under communism including Switzerland with no or little help from the US, who is defending their borders while dealing with the aftermath of the New Madrid quake. It was your belief in your corrupt leaders and rigged financial systems that sealed your fate as some walked for their crimes. The elderly, sick and injured will be left to die. If attending to them your fate will be the same. Those that are well, enslaved under conditions not seen in modern times. This is the antichrist, not the friendly little pups earth is use too, like Genghis Khan, Stalin, and Khmer Rouge. You have an option pray, it is your only hope.

    This is up to each and every one of you, thus in the hands of mankind. You are asked this. Many of you believe in the Almighty and almost as many in Jesus. Here me, when no have no options ask, are you there, I believe. Let go of your trust in man, that destroys and you will be surprised with that soft answer of hope and love. You said you want to change the world and it starts with each individual taking a responsibility for the path of mankind, enough of the excuses. It is about seeing past the lies, the spin and just, the plain deceit. It is not about being a martyr, but if you have to die, die for Jesus.

   Do not allow those that have a plan for your demise to get a go ahead, because you are so naive. Yet you think your worldly knowledge will get you by. In the universe, worlds rise or fall according to the gullible, who think they are approaching the pinnacle of knowledge, but really, they know little to nothing. Earth will not be one of those civilizations, where the many, are lost to the dark side. As the Almighty has given me the responsibility to bring all of you home. In this battle against the antichrist, I need all of you focused on the prize, because in any battle, the troops (the faithful) must deliver for the Almighty, God the Father. It is not about the obstacles put in front of you. It is about overcoming them, because you can. It is about delivering. And Remember this, Jesus died for us, so that we would at least have a fighting change against the dark one, through His Mercy. Lets not waste this great gift.

   Stand for up your countries, because your weak leaders who cower behind closed doors will not. Do not accept options that give away control your money, food and religious freedoms for a false solution that was created to put you in a position to choose. It is about placing obstacles in place to slow that which wants to enslave you. This same group started both world wars in the last century and its puppet Hitler, seduced a nation. Millions died, war debt strapped countries as one bank with its many tentacles funded both sides. The goal, to indebt nations driven by freedom on one side and doctrine that one has the potential of those who think there are elite above all others on the other. Same game or spin, different war, same bank. Doubts, freedom was given to South Africa, but the empire keep the gold and diamond mines and associated businesses. Freedom was given to the colonies, but through perseverance, a weak president and bought off senators and congressman, the federal reserve was created, that siphons your tax dollars to the same group that controls the bank of England, the NWO. This is who the national debt is owed to. In these end times, lets not wait for the Hand of the Almighty to save what is left of us. Do what is right. Make the right decision where faith and prayer returns to be a central part of the family. Come home. Lets not consider the alternative.

   In this battle for souls, we need the prayers of the faithful for those who still don't consider the light even when faced with death. Mary Queen of all Angels and our Mother of Salvation has new prayer to help those of you, who are lost. Lets get to work now. A plan only succeeds by its weakest link. Do not become that weak link by a lack of effort.


O My Lord Jesus Christ
I beseech you to pour down your Holy Spirit
Over all of your children

I beg you to forgive those who have hatred in their souls for You
I pray that atheists open up their hardened hearts during Your Great Mercy
And that your children who love you can honour you with dignity to rise above all persecution

Please fill all your children with the gift of your spirit so that they can rise with
Courage and lead your army into the final battle against satan, his demons and
all those souls who are slaves to his false promises.


O My Jesus
Let my prayer invoke your Holy Spirit
To descend on those leaders driven by lust, greed, avarice and pride
To stop the persecution of your innocent children
I ask you to stop poverty, famine and wars from devouring your children
And I pray that European leaders will open their hearts to the truth of your love.



All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2012