Where do We Stand in the End Times



Written April 20


   One of the many big questions today is among the media and the scientists, as they do not know who to trust, words written here or else where, their peers or the government whom they know lies when needed. When their eyes do show our way of life in the US has change for we do not care at what happens elsewhere to change our lives, this is the Truth, it will be too late. You were told of the wars as turmoil is now in all corners of the world although is no where near peak. The persecution of Christians has shocked the world suddenly in its intensity and few connect the dots. Soon famine within a year shall claim millions on this world. Third world countries will have no safety net and hundreds of millions will die over the next 2 years. You see the signs, but it is not intense enough for you to stand on one side or the other. This will change abruptly.

   Were you not told men, would still be eating, drinking and getting married in the End Times? For most in the West, media covers only extreme events as you hear of only the persecution the news deems necessary as loss of life cannot be suppressed from other world news sources due to the internet, but thousands are slaughtered outside of your eyes. Threats of WW3 are now the concern of NATO and NORAD as China and Russia test our air defense systems for response and vulnerability. Yet our nation through the media discount the real concerns as the public need not know. China just received permission from Pakistan to build a highway towards the Middle East and you do not see why?

   The public knows no better, but you in the media and scientists know the truth. Are you aware that you are the pawns to control the public or in denial? All of you will be betrayed to some degree as all around you is destroyed and those secure words preached to you in those secure boardrooms will mean nothing shortly. You were promised survival for your families, but earth as you know it will not exist and all of you would rather die than face what is to come. The Jews were herded not knowing their fate then packed on the trains. You say you are comparing the west to an evil regime? Yes, as the master of the new world order is from hell, new package, same spirit. Your problem is that you as man think you can control or manipulate the new world order ruled by the prince of darkness and extract favors, dream on.

   All of you were warned of these times and no one in government like Obama and Hillary will tell you the Truth, though they hint. They can not tell life as you know it will end so they tell you climate change, which seem to explain some changes. You were told that climate change of now 2 degrees C will change things forever. You have seen the NE basin of the Pacific, the Bering Sea, and the Gulf of Alaska and off the coast of Southern California and Baja have very large pockets that have now exceeded 5 degrees, this is known as the blob. Obama cannot tell you what is coming for if it is delayed or less than what is predicted as was done with the first NE winter storm politicians get blasted. So America you are on your own due to the arrogance for those against Climate Change and warnings. The North East has had a polar vortex for 3 months something that was stated lasted year to come along every 50 years for several days, it has been months, but no one mentions those words. Remember it is not what is stated that should concern you with the weather.

   As for your arrogant leaders they will just lie and enjoy it as they consider most of the population of the world as useless eaters in their backrooms. The Skull and Bones frat at the elite universities take pledges to align body and soul to the new world order aka Illuminati to promote world domination through a blood ceremony. Their key is to sculpt the population of earth to their design of 500,000,000 or less as survivors and allow the earth changes to cover their tracks. This is the current plan which includes vaccinations, destroying the family structure and designed famine. Only as the earth changes and war destroy all that you know will they surface in arrogance. Then what is presented to you after war ravages Europe and the Middle East and worse selected cities in the US flatten by nuclear explosions killing 10s of millions, the new world order will see them as their only hope. This is the Truth, but again you in the media and scientists will see this develop before your eyes and the public will be none the wiser. Few of you will stand up for this world as most consider your careers more important, but there is a hell.

   The Third Scroll will shortly or has already been opened and this is decided by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With it famine will first impact the third world countries already on the brink and millions will die outside of the eyes of the media and some coverage deliberately censored. The West will see severe shortages due to extreme drought eliminating all surpluses and government spokesmen will speak of cycles of drought and plenty to assure the public this will pass, but it wonít. Second, after completely devastating all crops in third world nations leaving little or no hope for the impoverish population to where only prayers save the few from death. Heat will parch the soil in selected areas of the world leaving no water and in others floods with massive rain storms will wash away all drowning many of the population. Those surviving will face pestilence and disease and face a slow death.

   You the media and scientists are too make sure the world continues as usual as you hear of millions dying in the near future. Your heart will be torn to scream out, but those that talk will meet an accident. So what to do? Again quit, the public believes anything they are told if repeated over and over again, but they will wonder why those they trust leave. This is the key.

   Now on the other side there are others that will do anything to get ahead and maintain their position, but when caught lying to further their career will do anything to get back in and secure a place in the media and the bunkers, cowards and you the public will trust them again. They have been compromised and they will lie again. Heed this warning.

   You as scientists take the mercy of God as a weakness for many of you do not believe, when the earth changes have been delayed as promised to be short. You believe the earth changes are something that current technology provides hope for the human race, but you fail to tell the 7 billion on earth less than a half a billion will make it to the pole shift. The new world order plans on this. You see the wars and Isis & the future WW3 is real. You see the persecution of Christians that make the news as thousands die with no story. You see droughts are a concern now threatening the breadbasket of the world. These are facts. When the Warning catches all of you by surprise know that you will meet your maker. Now as the ants that you are you can listen to the wisdom as you feel peace or let your arrogance continue as if you have the knowledge of the universe, when you donít. Denial is a terrible thing to want.

   No one knows the date and time of when our Lord will return. But there is insight to guide the human race. We are presently in month 38 out of 84 and on the exponential scale of what is to come, the Chastisements, on a scale of a 100 we stand around 20.4 and the changes will suddenly accelerate rapidly on earth and in the Church. You will yearn for these days, which will seem like peace amongst the turmoil shortly to befall this earth. This knowledge is for the faithful, the sacred servants, the media who has followed this over the years and the few scientists that have the balls to stand up for the Truth as the majority of the general public will lose the ability to discern the Truth shortly, watch as it unfolds.


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