What is the Percentage of Worlds Harboring Primordial and Sentient Life Forms vs. Dead Worlds?


   Humans have only begun to explore the cosmos and are constantly asking for answers to the possibility of life elsewhere in universe. Astronomers have come up with formulas predicting the chance of life on other worlds outside of Earth and it estimates that there are millions of potential planets that could harbor intelligent civilizations. This is true, but the number of civilizations far exceeds estimates. There are literary an infinite amount of planets and moons harboring life in this universe, and its almost unlimited counter part, parallel universes.

 We have just begun to detect extra solar planets and as technology increases, mankind will discover that most stellar systems have planets. If we were to take a survey of the universe planet by planet, there would be a 1,000 dead worlds to every one that holds a naturally evolving primordial life forms. Moving to the next level, there would be 2,500 primordial worlds to every one that hold one or more species evolving or engineered to a sentient life form. Data was provided by Zeta Talk.

  Of course these numbers change as a galaxy matures and does not take into account that an advanced race can and will terraform a dead planet. All possible by increasing the planetary gravitational flow and introducing elements of an atmosphere.


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