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   Of the many advanced beings visiting Earth, the Zetas have captured the imagination of mankind, with exposure by star child Spielberg in the film Close Encounters. In hope, to introduce elements of Earth's leaders to the Council of Worlds,  but when the press coverage of the Roswell staged crash in "47" was released and then suppressed, all changed. This was a decision, made out of fear by your leaders. Showing a new path was needed, direct contact on an individual basis to the World's citizens. The Zetas, a named assigned to them by their point of mankind's named stellar origin, are one of the many spiritually mature beings now visiting and in some cases residing on Earth with a mission to genetically upgrade mankind for its next level of existence, and this is not the first time they have been called to improve a race of beings.

   This is only part of the puzzle. They maintain a website offering guidance to mankind, but with rules in place, which must not sway the individual spiritual choice of a human soul. So errors must be planned, doubts, guidance all provided for each individual to come to an informed choice due to a personal set of experiences. This is the goal of the Pole Shift designed by God, a choice.

   Their track record in this part of galaxy, has ranked their race as the best local option to improve human life on Earth. Where they have been chosen to spice the genes of the best of both races. What they cannot improve is spiritual wisdom as this is an internal individual  inate process. This is the reason for the present turmoil on Earth. So, you must make that choice and events will only escalate until you do.

   They are one of many God's benevolent races and within their system that they exist, their are approximately 127 different varieties of Zetas that can be distinguished by Human sight ( a stat from Zetatalk). All have roots in the Zeta Reticuli multi stellar system some 37 light years from Earth. It is no different than the many variations of ethnic races of mankind, all diverse with a common thread that binds us all on a physical level. In their mature status contrary to the races on Earth, all are acting as one on a spiritual level for the benefit of each other. 

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