.Insight into Other Worlds I

A glimpse into Alien Beings, the Zetas and what their off world civilizations have to offer mankind.

How is Zeta Physiology Similar to Humans?

What is the Human Equivalent IQ of a Zeta? *

Who are the Zetas? *

Why are They Here and What is Their Purpose? *

 Betty and Barney Hill Story, Where are They From? *

How Old is Their Civilization? *

Will Mankind Follow in Their Footsteps? *

Does the Belief in God Affect Their Existence? *

Why Don't They just Land in Public? *

Are the Zetas Here to Benefit Mankind? *

Are Advanced Life Forms  Danger to Human Existence? *

How are They Interacting with Humans Now? *

How Would They Like to be Perceived by Humans? *

Now that I Have the Knowledge, How do I handle the Ridicule? *




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