Why are they Here and What is their Purpose?


   Our world among the almost infinite amount of stars is still in its infancy in terms of elapsed time passing as an emerging civilization and knowledge in comparison to other sentient beings within the universe. God has chosen many races from throughout the universe to bring a wealth of diversity to give mankind a foundation as a civilization, now as the people of Earth are transforming into galactic citizens. The Zetas along with many others over time have been assigned to be guardians and enlighten our thoughts towards spirituality in conjunction with scientific advancement. This is a volunteer effort by all for they consider us their brothers and are looking forward to the day when we can act as one.


   The Zetas have been assigned a monumental task by the Council of Worlds in order to do God's work. They are here to help move mankind to the next level in their evolutionary development of ascension without interfering with natural choices in life. Interference to change mankind is a mission taken on by various star children incarnated as true human beings, the only difference, the experience of the soul.


   Through genetic engineering, disease and most physical defects will be eliminated. It is the similar structure of the hemoglobin that allows the merging of the 2 species. A new perspective of colors will be visualized, enhanced hearing, touch, taste and telepathic communication with the choice of speaking. The molecular structure of the brain tweaked where thought processes are expanded thousands simultaneously instead of what is available to mankind today. Manipulation of matter, particle flows and a general understanding of the Universe and how it works is just the beginning. All changes will still allow us to enjoy all of life's joys experienced now, but with an emphasis on the spirit of God and caring for others, for He provides all. The Zetas have made similar mistakes during their transformation to spiritual enlightenment and they are here to help mankind achieve a new level with their guidance so as we may not make the same mistakes. The true work comes when all those incarnating spirits from Earth, immature to 4th density life, rules and their thoughts being known by all, mix with the more established zetas in the hybrids. What will they get in return for this effort? Emotion provided by the experiences of the Human race is eagerly accepted, but logic and focus remains, the best of both worlds.

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