Will Mankind Follow in the Footsteps of Advanced Life Forms?  

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   Mankind as a race is destined to progress to a new levels of spiritually over the next decade, dependant upon the individual effort to personally ascend. It is here that the common path of the advanced races have traveled that mankind will follow. What you must understand is that mankind in its physical form and characteristics will cease to exist. All sentient life forms that reach our level in this universe of existence progress through transformation although some retain their form. Where a set of events are presented to all that dictates a firm choice. When confusion is accepted by the general population through manipulation of the media, like here on Earth, the events get progressively worse again with a new set of circumstances forcing a choice again.

   During the transformation of Earth, those who are waffling between helping mankind and controlling mankind most will opt out of life as conditions move to the extremes and disasters remove loved ones. For the elite, control is the agenda and this uncertainty has most nervous. Thus, mistakes are made, focus is loss, accidents happen. Events distasteful with a loss of life style, again the weak opt out through drugs, alcohol abuse, poor health and depression. Although, the changes will not be perceived by the living as there will be a gradual change among the confusion of the transforming world.

   For those benefiting the world through bringing change, mental capabilities will be elevated or returned, which is coupled with a strong responsibility towards spirituality in a service to other environment for this is God's plan. This path will enlighten our continuous development to where trust is to be built among all. It is a stage where we can start to rely on others as if they were ourselves. A point that mankind elevates all for the benefit of the whole, a true heaven on Earth. We are beginning a journey that will reintegrate mankind in its original form as one with all the other intelligent life forms in the universe, but still allow for our individuality. This how we will follow in the footsteps of the advanced ones, as most have travel the same path with a different set of circumstances, but the goal is one and the same. 

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