The Development of Element 115

   Mankind is well aware of element 115 through rumor and the internet, which was allowed to be examined and some samples kept. This insight concerning this energy source was known that this exposure would never lead to developmental stage under current technology in the U.S. Through deliberate controlled leaks from men that assigned to these Black Projects for national defense and security, the public is aware as all hidden truth to life on other worlds was focused here. Although, it is not a natural element on Earth or any other planet within this galaxy that can be acquired by mining or gathering, artificial manufacture of this element is possible.
   So why did elements of the US Government allow a leak of so called alien technology to occur concerning element 115 through Bob Lazar? This was a win win situation, where Lazar had no clue of the true nature of the technology from energy production to the reactor containment and distribution of power about the spacecraft. Finally, his assumption of how the controlled process of the gravitational field  of an atom and the stretching of space allows movement of spacecraft is achieved. He was convinced he had gifted insight on the technology, when covert threats were made as if he had the answer. But, those in control contemplated the incident further by allowing him to think he was revealing a secret to the world and lived to tell about it, what a plan. Was he an expert, top in his field? No. If so, he would have already been employed there as another unknown scientist who thinks they are grasping at the secrets of the Universe, but knows little. His personality profile was shown that he would leak information if given the chance. So he was exposed to a controlled environment and expected to tell all. Brilliant in the ways of control and power to play the weak. An unknowing human now is promoting alien technology as allegedly death hangs above his head, but the technology leads all researchers in the wrong direction. In the end, he is happy with the fame and the government is happy with the disinformation. The group behind this, is hidden behind the many insulated layers of the facade of MJ-12 wins again with the gullible public. No super secret group would ever allow the true members to be published, only those expendable to take the fall, just in case. The best part is that the public will believe his theories and look no further or discount the truth when presented as so goes the plan.

   The artificial creation of element 115 achieves 2 primary objectives, minimal mass vs. spatial displacement while providing a vast source of energy utilized through atomic slicing technology. Secondary, the reaction chamber that conserves space without the need for heavy shielding as the destructive high energy sub atomic particle bursts as a result of an incomplete interaction are absent or controlled until converted to a benign substance.
   The basis for the manufacture of 115 is not based upon current Earth technology where excessive amounts of energy are applied by accelerators to a point subatomic particles into an element through random collisions that results in a heavier new unstable element. The manufacturing can be achieved by introducing a new process, where an electron related subatomic particle stream is focused at a natural based element. Within a reaction chamber there is an established increased subatomic spherical directional particle flow, which affects a selected static point within the reaction chamber for the host elemental matter to be maintained through a compression equilibrium. The base element, once injected attracts subatomic particles related to forming protons and neutrons through an induced charge differential until the charges on the nucleus are in balance. The equilibrium is very import, but it is the subatomic particles related to the neutron that gives the stability to 115. This why particle accelerators of Earth can create 115, but it decays rapidly, due to the lack of neutrons binding the atomic structure that can not be added in a random format.

   The introduction of a controlled negative subatomic particle flow overwhelms the nucleus thus tipping the balance of charge, which in turn attracts the sub atomic particles responsible for the formation of protons and traps random stray neutrons that form due containment pressure as the charge is absent, until the reformatting the nucleus grows in mass and stabilization associated with this reaction is achieved at the next level under a pulse injection. The pulse technology is used that it promotes the reformat of the nucleus its breakdown and reformat to another level thus accelerating the process of creating a new element instead of period of stagnation. The period of stagnation increases as the balance of subatomic particles and the elemental level of host matter has variances, this gap filled by the introduction neutrally static field of subatomic particles where the nuclear bond super cedes a charged flow. It is easier to affect a few nuclei and remove them, than affect the whole as one mass.

   The elemental mass buildup eventually overshoots creating atomic structures greater than 115, the controlled charged particle stream ceases. The mass within the chamber now containing a mixture elements of 115 and higher, separate and clump naturally. But, within fractional parts of a second all matter formed above the stable point of 115 dissipates and breaks down to the more stable 115 formation and release the excess subatomic particles. During the pulse interval, the repulsion force of the spherical neutral charged sub atomic particle field, thus static positions within the field spatial area of the reaction chamber. The subatomic particles are free to move. Regulated to where these same excess subatomic particles are ejected through controlled subatomic particle diffusion as they move from a crowded environment to a less dense containment area. The concept, similar to elemental breakdown measured in a half life, but with out the radioactivity.

   The base matter that reaches the stability for 115, by applying accelerated controlled gravitational field flow through the containment chamber, extraction of just the mass of element 115 falls away into a collection pod below while the excess impurities remains in a floating suspended diffused state about the inside of the reaction chamber. Purity attained, is far beyond present day Earth technology.

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