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   This subject matter is to provide a basic stepping stone to research scientists working in the service to other environment. I am well aware that the service to self group (elites) will try and exploit the information, so be it, because after the shift there will be few self-serving survivors left in time to exploit the use of the advancements. Remember the establishment had over 50 years to examine Zeta and Orion based off world technology outside of the public eye under black budgets and national security to no avail. There wasn't a break through in the past and there will be few if any in the future. 

   My advice to the scientists is drop the egos. A new age is emerging as the laws of physics are being rewritten, the playing field is now even, so work together, because if you share your break through among each other freely everybody wins when the standard of living rises for all, not just the few. Be true to yourself. If the elite try to profit from a new advancement others will render their investment worthless.

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The Neutrino Sub Atomic Particle Detector

Gravitational Amplifiers

Technical Guide Lines for Slicing Reactors

Transparent Metals


Properties & Origin of the Gravity Sub-Atomic Particle

Fusion Reactors

Cloaking and Radar Invisibility

The Development of Element 115

Tech Improvements


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