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Interstellar Travel: Spacecraft Technical Operations

Insight on how to manipulate the universal gravitational particle field to propel spacecraft to velocities approaching light  

  Bob Lazar was given a rare privilege as a physicists chosen examine and back-engineer the advanced spacecraft lent to the establishment. The spacecraft in question were not captured or recovered at crash sites as the public was lead to believe, but loaned as a gift to secure future favors in return for a perceived technological edge.  The Orions promised technological edge of radar invisibility and total antigravity propulsion, but the new projects fell far short of expectations. This is exhibited by the partial anti-gravitational capabilities of the triangular craft. This edge still remains elusive to the elite physicists of today. However, scientists were allowed a peek at a new level of physics. The Orions knew the physicists would never solve the riddle, given the track taken, was flawed from the start. 

   Bob Lazar proposed a solution of space travel based on present day physics. He concluded the source of power was a manufactured element 115. This is correct, but his concepts on gravitational propulsion leads a scientist down the wrong path of research. The thesis examined the prospect of folding space and time by amplifying the A version of gravity waves emanating from the atomic structure of 115. Space once stretched towards the gravity generators in the spacecraft; it could close the distance between point A and B, thus circumventing the law that regards the speed of light. A close examination of these principles initiates a query of questions. If special gravity waves (A version) were a property of element 115, then once amplified, wouldn’t all mass in the immediate area be attracted and fixed to the surface of the 3 alleged wave-guides and reactor? The result would be the gravitational compression of all mass in the local area, thus crushing the ship and its occupants, but this is not the case. There must be an alternate answer to satisfy the phenomena. Second, do you think the energy levels generated within the small reactors of even the most advanced race could create gravitational distortions only associated with galactic sized black holes to move stellar systems? Large Black Holes have a cumulative total mass equivalent to millions of our Sun. They capture light and mass only within a close proximity, not over an area that would involve nearby stellar systems. They do not distort the surrounding space by closing the distance between nearby stellar systems once formed. As one peers into the universe, evidence does not support shifting spatial areas. Interstellar spacecraft, their numbers almost infinite, transverse the universe, and the displacements of space created by their movements would easily be detected with present day technology. Severe gravitational wobble and spatial displacement of stellar systems would be the evidence. Scientists are still contemplating the concept of gravity, its interaction and how its force is applied to matter. Though most pieces to this puzzle are still unknown. The wave theory also is incomplete, and the insight towards a solution is only known in the circles of the elite though not grasped is only due to experience. The wave format  a theory as the solution is the final representation of many complex particle movements all uncharted by main stream science. What most of mankind has yet to discover is that the speed of light is not a constant and the repulsion component balances gravity? It is the elimination of this repulsion force, which allows gravity to quickly attract the mass of the spacecraft at velocities approaching the speed of light in the resident area, our universe. Also, there is another factor involved. Parallel universes do exist, and with each with a quantum leap in the speed of light and a new set of rules involving the laws of physics occurs. It is the ability of the advanced spacecraft to density shift to parallel universes and shift back to its origin that allows ships to travel vast distances in conjunction with the manipulation of gravitational particle flow.                                               

So let's take a close look at some of Lazar's statements and provide an alternate:

Lazar: There are currently two main theories about gravity. The "wave" theory which states that gravity is a wave and the other is a theory which includes "gravitons", which are alleged sub-atomic particles which perform as gravity, which by the way, is total nonsense.

Grant: Lazar is correct that mankind's explanation of the sub atomic particles called gravitons is incorrect, but neither is the theory that states gravity is a wave. Further research would have lead Lazar down a new path in astrophysics where the conclusion is that gravity is a subatomic, which takes on different characteristics and properties when alternating as incoming and outgoing particles to and from a mass while traveling in a wave format.             

Lazar: Anyway, gravity is a wave and there are two different types of gravity. Gravity A and gravity B. Gravity A works on a small or "micro" scale and gravity B works on a larger or "macro" scale. We're familiar with gravity B, it is the big gravity wave that holds the earth, as well as the rest of the planets in orbit around the sun and holds the moon, as well as man-made satellites, in orbit around the earth. We're not familiar with gravity A. It is the small gravity wave which is the major contributory force that holds together the "mass" that makes up all protons and neutrons.

Grant: When Lazar examined the artificially created element 115 with 4th density properties, it allowed him to observe the interaction of a mass and examine the effects of gravity on an atomic scale. He was able to see that the flow of gravity particles was responsible for the containment of subatomic particles that form our basic protons and neutrons.  So why the intense field and the exponential fall off of gravity particle flow extreme enough to fool an observer into believing gravity is composed of two particles a strong and weak or "A" or "B"?

   The concept of the origin and properties gravity subatomic particle are described here. What we find is that the gravitational containment field around particles of the atom has overshot the perimeter or the created containment shell for basic particles, Lazar's Gravity "A"  and leakage has been mistaken for secondary gravity particle Lazar has labeled as a "B " particle. The observation were not complete, as his "A" &" B" are one in  the same. If the atom was enlarged to the size of the Earth, you would perceive the same phenomena, a  rigid containment or surface of the mass and a weak attractive force slightly above the surface as a proportional fractional distance of its radii of subatomic particle to that of the Earth.

Lazar: Gravity A is what is currently being labeled as the "strong nuclear force" in mainstream physics and gravity A is the wave that you need to "access and amplify" to enable you to cause the space/time distortion required for "practical" interstellar travel. To keep them straight ... just remember that gravity A works on the "A"tomic or actually sub-"A"tomic scale and gravity B is the "B"ig gravity wave that works on a stellar or planetary level. The most important attribute of these heavier, stable elements is that the gravity A wave is so abundant that it actually extends past the perimeter of the atom.

Grant: It is here where confusion leads a scientist astray. Gravity "A" is not the strong nuclear force that maintains the nucleus and the binding force of elements, but it provides the containment properties of the basic subatomic particles  of neutrons and protons. The concept of gravity is different than what is known, where gravity a subatomic particle does travel in a wave format, the proposed properties of intensity  and wave amplification are not related.

   Gravity is different in that light and electromagnetic waves can be amplified. With light,  particle synchronization of frequencies increase power and intensity, and  bending waves of light wave streams will focus on a point. Electromagnetic waves are amplified by basic principles. Gravity particles and its wave amplitude depend upon particle flow and the carrying capacity of the host mass, which is little understood since mainstream science has yet to define gravity and how it works. This wave amplification  cannot be recreated in an advanced craft as gravity is dependent on mass focusing by bending or wave synchronization of particle flows cannot increase a weak force to one that could bend space and time. Do the massive stars with all their gravity bend space? No just the paths of light waves passing close to the stellar object.

   Lazar: The interior of the disc is divided into three levels. The lower level is where the three gravity amplifiers and their wave guides are located. These are the integral components of the propulsion system that are used to amplify and focus the gravity A wave.

  We know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so in our universe we've always assumed that the fastest way from Point A to Point B was to travel in a straight line between the two points at the speed of light. Well, the fact is that when you are dealing with space/time and you enjoy the capability of generating an intense gravitational field, the fastest way from Point A to Point B is to distort, or warp, or bend the space/time between Points A and B, bringing Points A and B closer together. The more intense the gravitational field, the greater the distortion of space/time and the shorter the distance between Points A and B.

 Diagram provided by Lazar

Grant: In the diagram above, Lazar explains how spacecraft bends time and space to travel vast distances quickly where A represents the craft and the point B  is the destination in a normal fabric of space and time (upper left quadrant) through wave amplification.  If a gravitational wave could be amplified how would A maintain position to pull the fabric of space towards it? If the fabric of space could be warped or folded, did he consider the cosmic mass contained within? What kind of force would be need to move even a small mass over vast distances and dark matter was also not considered, yet most scientists agrees it composes 95% of the gravitational mass of the universe.

   The key is to know that gravity-repulsion particles overwhelms the universe and is in a state of equilibrium, creating a state of weightlessness when object is far enough from a mass that has a ambient gravitational particle exchange flow.  Conditions are that, the incoming force applied is equal from all directional aspects of a 360 degree spherical matrix.  It is only the local flow of gravity particles that tips that balance force to be applied to mass in direction of flow due to gravity subatomic particles which pass thru an object near or on the surface of the host mass.

   The 3 alleged wave guides do not perform in the ways predicted by scientists. At the center of these wave guides is a concentration of the craft's heaviest mass. What these tubes achieve is manipulation the cross-sectional area of the gravitational particle streams flowing thru this multifunctional mass to be affected from 3 variable directions which is in a state of equilibrium outside the area of a local gravitational field. The differential in gravitational particle flows entering the mass allows a force to be applied, varied and focused to certain points in the opposite direction of the affected flow.  Intensity can be tuned by compressing all or part of the flow gravity particles within the focal tube into a tight stream and morphing the particle shape to mimic a teardrop. This is accomplished by compressing the stream at an exponential rate from the entrance of the tube to just before mass penetration,  back particle pressure forces the deformation of the gravity-repulsion particles as the front of the particle is compressed more than the rear in the squeeze. The altered subatomic particles now tear thru the central mass with almost no force applied to the mass. Particles flowing from 180 degrees from the incoming compressed stream now apply an intense flow gravity subatomic particles to the central mass as the counter force that was responsible for the movement of the mass to be in a static position of equilibrium is removed, the capability to propel the attached craft to velocities near that of light speed is now possible. Future details on hover and levitation are to be published in Interstellar Travel.




   Bob Lazar proposed a theory on the reactor based on a reaction of antimatter. Examination of the reactor interior was not possible if open, it would explode due to levels of matter compression needed to maintain energy processes of element 115. An advanced reactor would have the fewest steps and no shielding needed. An alternate solution would be to slice electron and proton related subatomic particles equivalent to a hydrogen atom off the structure of element 115. This would transmute the respective element present down to the next level without the need for radioactive shielding, while capturing the total energy released and the excess hydrogen atoms would be vented from the ship. This process would be repeated until element 115 was reduced through all elemental steps to the base element hydrogen. It is time to consider  new concepts, which answers some of the questions involving interstellar travel and spacecraft technical operations

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