Subatomic Particle Flow Exploitation

A Basic Blueprint for Free Energy




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Required Reading: Particle Movement


   With a basic understanding of how particle movement behaves, how can mankind apply this new concept to solve the current energy crisis on Earth. The goal is to maintain a green prospective that is true, with little to no greenhouse footprint?

   The paper explaining perpetual motion was only an introduction to show, there are energy alternatives besides what is alleged in the current media, clean coal, bio fuels, clean natural gas, obtrusive wind turbines, inefficient solar panels and the worst concept, conservation. Conservation is only a small token cut back within a selective group of the population trying to contribute to the overall conservation effort to save the Earth in an ever increasing demand on Earth. It is time to move to the next level.

   So what direction can the U.S. National Laboratories and the rest of the World take, that will fill an energy void as Earth changes decimate the oil fields, refinery infrastructure, fuel storage ports, the grid and vulnerable conventional and nuclear power plants? No one will want these structures in their backyard as the land shifts about and becomes unstable in many areas. As pipelines in the near future rupture faster than pace of repairs, the public will demand a solution. One, that no energy corporation or technology currently available on Earth will fill. All will see the establishment as inept as fear dictated a run and hide approach instead to providing a set of limited solutions to provide for the electorate. The break through will be portable, small and transportable with little infrastructure of a distribution grid need for local areas. What about the hype behind black projects and what was learned from off world sources? This has been a slow learning process, since the line of thought of all scientists to understand how and why something works is bias, as it must fit with their established theories. Has our society leaped in technology over the last 60 years as if its source is from off world? No. They cannot even explain the simple correctly, like why the same side of the Moon is always seen.

   Particle exploitation takes advantage subatomic particle flows already available, but are dormant for energy creation due wave cancellation. These particles flow naturally throughout the universe, but in random unorganized patterns where the basic net force is a static state of equilibrium and only simple motion ensues. With an explanation of what is involved in subatomic particle movement, the key is subatomic particle flow segregation and then the synchronization several uniform groups of subatomic particle flows confined within a specified cylinder. Segregation is needed as all subatomic particle flows behave in the same coherent manner when the ambient homogeneous containment field is manipulated.

   By aligning the angular shift  about the Z axis, the wave itself tends to fall in place to where only tweaking is needed. What would be one method taken to achieve alignment? This can be achieved by increasing the density of field medium within the confined cylinder area used for amplification, then introduce a few streams into the dense medium at first. Angular alignment is natural, disorganized initially, but is forced to comform in the dense medium. The streams will shift only to an area of low pressure, the pressure void wakes of the adjacent streams. Is this not one of the basic principles of particle movement?

   Now you are asking, this concept will work if all the streams are within the same plane, but how will this work in the real world where the cross sectional area of the affected area is composed of many stacked planes?  If one were to examine a small segment of stacked planes, set up a simple base matrix of a subset of  9 squares with the intersection of the individual perimeter line points of the individual squares shall represent streams and this will comprise the total square. What you will observe is that the adjacent plane floating above or below will primarily try to seek equilibrium. So the streams with their own established matrix above or below the base plane shifts its intersection points to move within the center of the base subset of squares, the point of least resistance. Where the distance that alternately shift towards the center of the adjacent plane, the distance between all point in 3 dimensions is equal. The subatomic flow pattern format created, is a stacked diamond matrix. It is in this matrix, that all subatomic particle flows on a individual level within the diamond matrix conforms to a uniform angular shift as all shift in unison to each others particle flow void of low pressure.

   It will up to your individual research teams to refine subatomic particle wave phase shifting and filtering, which has been part of science for multiple decades. When you get it right, at  first, subatomic particle flow amplification of what seems to be a neutral environment, takes a quantum leap as wave reinforcement is organized within the affected cylinder.

  A secondary point is to consider several groups of organize subatomic particle flows as it is this relationship that allows the tweaking phase shifting to dictate the overall wavelength. Adaptation of frequency that can be control dependant upon the specs of the dependent device in need of energy. The cylinder controls available subatomic particle flows segregates or filters manipulates the streams into a shifting flow of polarized particles. As the shifting phased subatomic particle flow passes through static sets of coils of conductors, this initiates a flow of current, thus eliminating  the need for a mechanical rotation of copper wire coils rotating through alternating static polarized magnetic fields. There are no moving parts, just amplification and organization of natural subatomic particles fields to do work your generators, push electrons. On the far end cylinder, there is a reversal of the process, disorganization of the internal flow back its original state. Thus creating no impact on the environment. Here is a blue print to create free energy based on exploiting subatomic particle flow available everywhere. A sealed unit with no moving parts creating energy from no visible source or input of mechanical force. This is your introduction to one of the many basic forms of the perpetual power pack.

   Know one thing, if you decide to try and use this concept to tip the balance of power on Earth by improving your offensive particle beam weapons, defensive missile shield technology, any negative derivative or suppress this technology of free energy related to promote a cause with a personal agenda, all involved in any country, corporation, private group or individual will be removed and that is a promise. You have your warning.

   Now that some of you understand the concept, what subatomic particle flow is always available with sufficient amount of disorganized streams and has a wavelength that can be manipulated for the creation of energy? Radio waves, emitted by the many stars in the universe. You have been offered a second chance and you can thank God for this, now lets help all of Humanity.

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