Blood Red Moon


Updated Mar 25

   When the Moon starts to turn various the color blood red, dependant upon cloud density within the void of interstellar space between Earth and the Moon, fear will grip some of the public. Here a scientific explanation answers a wave of superstitious beliefs. This is nothing more than Earth's gravity and magnetic poles redirecting the cloud of iron oxide dust loosely gravitationally connected to the 12th planet. As the charged cloud wafts away from the 12th  at some point it drifts between the Earth and Moon. As the density increases, this an infusion of red dust tints the view of reflected sunlight off the surface of the Moon. Our environment will recreate scenes from the days of Moses as some dust is captured as precipitate falling through Earth's atmosphere, and will turn selected landscapes and waters red and be bitter to the taste.

   The religious elite and organizers of self-serving cults will panic, barking the end is near. It is not about following a doctrine promoted by a man, but establishing a true connection to the Source based on the actions of an individual choice. Not comprehending the total picture of events, some groups will continue to promote their own self agenda. What needs to be known, is the World will not end, but change and those who abuse all against Humanity will. This is the beginning of a transformation or a self cleansing.

   As I stated before, this is a natural astronomical event due to a unified planetary magnetic field, which last happen on Earth approximately 3600 years ago. The moonís red appearance is due to the Moon reflecting the light emitted from the Sun, then is absorbed by the red iron oxide dust particulates related to the gravitationally attracted trailing charged cloud attached to the 12th. The light when emitted, is predominately in the red wavelength of the spectrum and the Moon takes on a blood red appearance in Earth's darken skies.

   Do you alter your life and follow the cult mind set of individuals due to a volcano, earthquake, hurricane or tornado. All of these events in the ancientsí times caused almost all people to pray to false gods and in some cases make sacrifices, but we now know, they are natural events. The natural events preceding the pole shift are extreme, but it hasnít been experience by modern man. There is no need to get swept up in hype of fear. It is about personal change and moving to the next level where your actions from the soul elevates all that is around you. It is a choice to move on.

On the Spiritual Side

   What was not known at the original release of this paper was the prophecy of the 4 Blood Red Moons (total lunar eclipse at full moon) the first of which now to occur at Passover 2014 and into next year. With this the earth changes are about to erupt, the prophecy will be fulfilled as you were told in so many ways this is a spiritual transition. Many of are so quick to admire an advanced life form when the most advanced and Creator of all is God, there nothing higher in the universe, nothing, yet you refuse to honor the Father, why? Shortly as this earth is brought to its knees to elevate your souls as all that you treasure and hoard shall be taken away for many, I pray that you don't fall prey to the dark side.

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