Change is Here



Written Sept 11


   As the earth changes move forward, revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ and sanctioned by the Father, what are the plans of the elite of this nation, which will affect this nation? All are in a state of panic as there is less than 60 days left before the election. Those that want Romney, as he will protect the interests of the rich, are concerned that events will increase to where the administration will be forced to make an announcement to the public before Nov. 6. There goal is to delay this as much as possible as a crisis dictates, that to steer this country, continuity is most important in the minds of the population for guidance. Thus an event that change this country as we know, will assure the election for Obama. So what is in store for this country?

   One thing you need to understand, is that no one or group forces the Almighty to move is hand. The goal is to let all make a true choice based on their own heart or hatred. So will changes accelerate to the point where an announcement if made, will have to be made to the general public before the election as the elite already know? The answer is no. Donít be surprised, this election is about a hidden agenda as most in politics and industry know the changes coming, especially Romney and those that back him. The goal is to control food resources, water, energy, and areas to be reconstructed and protected first. But you will make the decision with your vote as both parties sell you a bag of goods. You have to discern who is telling the truth. You have to decide who has God in their heart, one does, the other? Wolfs come in sheepís clothing and you have been told this, but still most are blind.

   Know this America; you will make a choice that will determine your future as many in your political parties have aligned with the new world order. You seem to think it is about country when for many in this government, it is about world control. This is your mistake as many of your politicians have sold out. Do you not realize, China did not take your jobs; US corporations signed an agreement to build plants in that country. In return, they were promised a labor force that does not complain, expects no raises or health care and most of all comes to work everyday with their eyes looking at the floor when addressing management. You were replaced and worse you are in denial that your jobs were shipped overseas as the labor force there has a greater profit potential. It was a plan and you were expendable, this is the truth.

   All of you will be in disbelief as events unfold according to Revelations. What flashes in your minds, did I really think this through? When you realize that you have been lied too, for many, your hearts will drop, but you brought this upon yourselves. As our Lordís birthday comes and passes and the New Year 2013 rings in, many will know life on earth has changed and you need prioritize what is important in your life, your connection to Jesus and His Father for there is nothing else more important.

   Many of you will be stripped bare of all possessions to show you what is important.  Some will be offered hope to change only to be strung along by those in control as they chip away at that which allows your family to survive. Until you give up and die in despair as all many of you sell your soul to survive. This is the payoff.

   You need to know, this is the plan and almost all of you will be affected. What will surprise the elite minorities, is that with all their millions, you and your entourage will not given an advantage or protection as you succeeded only because you were a tool to secure others for the antichrist in the end, you will fare no better than those from the projects, the ghetto in case you are disconnected. This is the harsh reality that you face.

   Now your first reaction is this will never and you are full of it, really then why are you reading these words as you know they ring with the truth.  These words are here to save you ass and the veil of deceit when reveled shall shock you. The key is to be prepared.

   Now to the candidates, both have a choice to make. For Obama never let a potential vote dictate the man you are or compromise that which is your soul and you have. I ask you, whose vote would you want to win a manís or Godís?  No man or woman and their vote are worth your future. As your stay in the White House is temporary, but your actions will affect others and your eternity.

   You believe marriage is between a man and woman in your heart, but lately you have said different to appeal to certain voters. These are Godís laws and are not subject to opinion polls or yours. Yes, I know your mission is to get elected, but at what cost. You were guided to be true to America and they will vote you in anyway. Are you wavering? This is not about democratic or republican principles; it is about God who put you here. Now deliver for Him as you have been doing.

   Abortion is a form of mass genocide period, approved by manís laws, not Godís. Murder of the unborn cannot be justified under any circumstances as God created all, the potential baby and the mother. Only He calls a life that is sacred, home. All will know the truth soon, which you stated you stand for, if so stand for it, instead of you backing just certain parts. I am not trying to preach to you, but I am handing you the truth or as I see it, advice, and it will be your choice to make.

    For Romney, exactly what spirit resides within you, guiding your actions? You are still lying by misrepresenting others in a view that is not true to get a vote. You speak that God is in your heart, but your actions speak otherwise. You are so quick to point out your charity and the people you have help around you and this is good. The point, was it done for show, as youíre a bishop in your church and a focus of leadership, your actions were expected from a person of faith.

   A person of faith does not need to have others testify about their actions, their light shines own its own. A person of faith is a living example of that which is Jesus and all know as your presence touches their soul. A person of faith is fluid with the people and connects naturally; there is electricity in the air with words spoken. Really are you this person of faith, donít lie.

   Does not the local parish priest visit the sick every day and offer hope? Was this same compassion shown to the workers you sent packing? Oh, thatís right, you get to pick and choose who will succeed or have your compassion, in government, and you will not have this option as you answer to all. Yes you have pledged to support the elite and Adelson will come back to bite you, but it will be the common person that pulls the lever. Are you going to turn your back on them in a time of need when the voices of the elite are in fear and call in their markers, sorry, I mean contributions? You gave to a charity of your own, but you robed the taxpayers by taking advantage of loopholes. Yes I said it, and stand behind it. Tell America that you used grey areas to pay less, which has to be made up by the people who voted for you by either excising more taxes, create a deficit or cuts in services. Did Jesus take advantage of loopholes in His time or preach shared sacrifice?

    So letís look at the changes, we do not need. A capital gains tax given to the middle class and elimination of mortgage deductions across the board for everyone is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. What you need to know as Americans is how capital gains are realized. This is accomplished by closing out a position. The middle class have been told to invest long term and add to overall positions by buying on down turns, ďaveraging DownĒ. You are the ones that buys back your own stock, which the elite borrows from you and others take out illegal naked positions to go short at market tops.

    Now letís put this so everyone can understand. The elite gets government officials to enact policy that destabilizes the market as it at all time peak, ďhousing bubbleĒ. Does this sound familiar? Positions are taken where they borrow the stock of the public who are long term as they trust the system, still with me? When the collapse happens the savvy insiders sell all and the market is in free fall. You now are trying to average down; they will be buying covering their positions. So this is a great transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy and you are none the wiser. The average person does not trade financial instruments like the rich. The middle class invests for the long term, so as a percentage of tax savings, it will be miniscule as opposed to the wealthy. As this will a huge percentage of their total net gains.

   Again the mortgage deduction affects the middle class as on average, this is their greatest deduction. For the rich, their homes for the most part are paid off, inherited through the family. Only the vacation homes are affected and for elite, this is miniscule for them as a percentage of deductions, unless they are a real estate developer.

   America needs to looks behind the words and what seems like a fair deal to see who really wins. These ideas were presented and one party is backing it, in turn this is why big money, is behind them. We are just beginning to scratch the surface, as much is hidden behind regulations and laws in this country. The common person will never know, but the flow of wealth again, will shift from you, the middle class to the wealthy, as many will think its market conditions and not a plan.

   What about the threat of Iran poses in destabilizing the balance of power in the Middle East? Unknown to Romney, the United States has the ability to detect and track movements of weaponís grade uranium and this is nothing new through neutrino detection technology. Your threat is based on lack of knowledge in the Black projects and just what technological defenses have been developed, but not part of your or the publicís knowledge.

   We will know if Iran plans to develop a usable weapon before they do. Truly if they really want one, North Korea would gladly trade many for oil. Certain parties on earth want a war to start in the Middle East and one of the baits is Iran, but more important now, the other is Syria. The question, will the world bite? The wise have stayed on the sidelines, but a leader who is green could be fooled into striking. Let me ask you, are you green in foreign policy Romney, donít lie? He just proved it with the incident.

    All need of you need to know, if Romney gets elected and some democrats who want to push Obama, good luck with that idea, the new plan is to get the rich from all parts of this world into this country. When earth changes reduce vast areas of Europe, Israel, Japan, and Asia unlivable, it will be explained to you as we are now and have been a country of humanitarians, but this is already planned. As you thirst, shiver and starve in some areas where disaster strikes, know that reserves planned to help you were diverted there. As some you die, just remember that is was your vote or lack of that sealed your fate as it was based on hate and greed. This is not about fear mongering, but a warning that few have the heart to tell you. They all know and you donít and the truth, for it is muzzled on the internet as only approved spokesman will be appointed to lead.

   I say enough of the lies, like Jesus says. There will a fire in the voices from those will lead mankind. So be prepared as all will know the Holy Spirit speaks through them. The earth changes are the only thing that will break the chains of evil binding you on earth. Now many will say God brought death, but no. Life does not end as you know it, but if you are captured due to the wants of man and the world, then your soul is truly lost.

   This is the battle that is being fought and one that will be won with educating the public. Many have been lead to believe it is about the survival of the fitness. Kill or be killed as a common citizen, you will have a choice. Regress to that of an animal or die with dignity and your faith in God intact. Many will live as their faith protects them. All will know there is something greater and what you will be faced with, anything will be better than a most choices for mankind. Stand strong for there is God, anything presented otherwise is false.


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