Current Politics and Policies in the U.S. August 2012




Written Aug 6

Update Aug 29


   As America moves closer to an election that will be pivotal to the welfare of its people, there signs, but are you as the people of this nation reading that which is presented? The Olympics has taken our focus away from partisan politics to all coming to together standing behind the athletes of this nation as one. When they compete for a medal, do you think that must be a republican, oh they are black, or damn liberal?  No; we as a nation root for and stand behind them as one, Americans.

   Maybe there is a lesson in this; the only way a country can move forward is to move forward as one. I hope some of you are listening, but after the closing ceremonies, it may seem that we go back to the same old divisions.

   First letís address why Romney will not release his tax returns. His rise to the presidency has been a plan for many years. He and his advisors were well aware that tax returns that needed to be released were part of politics. It is here their arrogance shows. Greed that festered from the early days is still here and they arranged to pay what they thought would be acceptable to American politics, 2 years with one an estimate as researched through private, but secretive think tanks.

  All of you are aware, there are moles in all branches of the government answering to special interests; several of these moles have provided independent sources with photo copies of Romneyís tax returns which is available to certain IRS agents. Letís just say Romney is not in favor of releasing anything, but the White House has been told there is something of interest there through innuendo, but not given clear evidence as to protect the administration which did not ask for the information, but was made aware of it.

   Romney made the mistake of being greedy up to the minimum time period such is the nature of a corporate raider as they push the limit. He speaks to America as if he can create jobs while the best corporations in America pay no taxes and are trying to reduce payroll and healthcare expenses to remain competitive in the global market. You fool no one in your quest to attain office on lies and hate. Know this Romney, this is a nation under God and those who back you do not have the best interests of this country. Sheldon is under investigation for casino deals in China and the Koch Brothers really.

   They under estimated the human spirit, that which is disgusted with the hate exposed with the constant pressure that Obama is not American, foreign because of a birth certificate, which he has released. You remember that word you say in so many speeches as we know your intent here. Go ahead lie to yourself, again.

    What you fail to realize, the establishment was forced to accept Obama as all investigations by the CIA and FBI sanctioned by the establishment found out for McCain, he was truly an American citizen. So the plan went rogue as independents continued the lie to a base that has prejudices. This is still the case today.

  Now what happen within Bain during the years Romney states he had no active role. In the case of Romney, he was Bain and the clients knew it. This is why he still signed off on the papers maintaining a convert control over the investment firm all to secure the deal, as millions were at stake, no major deal is sealed by a substitute that sometimes was years in the making. This was his company and control was his greatest accomplishment. This is the truth. None expected the press to dig so deeply, so the lies come forth. Prosecution would be pursued if this was in the hands of republicans against Obama. It is only that powerful democrats have dirt that could be exposed so no action is taken by the SEC and Justice Dept. against his own statements.   

   Romney you state if we cut taxes to the rich, they will provide jobs, 12 millions to be exact during your first term, but all based on hope. I hope they believe this nonsense. We all hope and that is a long way from being a fact. Yet it is hope you run on, where have we heard that before? You present nothing different. Your accountants cut your taxes through loop holes and then you hid your money over seas. Blind trusts, you as an investment executive would never have a blind trust, which you do not oversee, please donít even consider lying here.

   When you were a corporate raider your investments went overseas as you are just another American being successful business man as you step all over regulations, residency tax laws and cheap labor overseas. Greed made in America. Now we are to believe what our eyes saw you do, will not happen with the rich as they invest in America. They are going now take one for America and get less of a return on their money. They will do this just for you and your word to America to get elected, really? The NWO goal is to eliminate national borders and control the currency and natural resources of the world and like the fool; they have a ring in your nose.

   You ran for president hoping to change events quickly, but you lie with dogs. They expect to get paid and give little or are you that naive? You can promise jobs, but at what cost to the people as you have to allow the economy to grow, but still provide social services and maintain our infrastructure. Gut education, how, that is throwing away our future. If you deliver to the elite whom backed you, America suffers and you know this. Your advisors are primarily from the Bush days and those, which are new, have few connections and little experience. I have told you if you go against the people of this nation, you go against God. Is this a step, you who flip-flops like the breezes of the wind, willing to take? Think carefully.

   Your foreign policy has insulted nations and even the mayor of London called you a presidential wanna-be, if it was not for the Olympics the press would have devoted more print and air to show this nation, the fool whom you are. Change now Romney if you want to lead this country. It is not a time to experiment in what ifs. Any can say they can create jobs, but few deliver. Remember if you make it, you will be tears as this nation faces chastisement shortly, which shall be far greater if you are elected. Know that destruction caused by natural disasters is a direct result of the self serving people you would put in charge of our nationís many agencies.

   America, the plan is if he gets elected is to divert the food supplies when the drought gets severe next year and beyond. Provide protection to the wealthy communities, electricity, water and hospitals while vast areas go under served. The earth changes will ramp up in this trimester Aug 20 ĖDec. 21 where all will sense, something is wrong. Fear will abound in the halls of Congress as nations experience quakes and tidal wave beyond that of recorded history. Will they force Obama in to announcing the truth and then try and pin him as a scapegoat, we shall see? Look around today for your world will never be the same.

   What about Obama failures and lack of delivering on his promises? His first mistake was, trusting some of his insiders, which had an agenda of their own. All make this, but the key is to purge and that he has. Second some of his own party members hated him and worked with republicans to grind Congress to a halt, knowing that would force a change in the peopleís eyes. This caught him by surprise, as he did know some would be traitors, but the extent of how many betrayed him was far greater than he imagined. When you come to Washington there are many agendas and no one man can change it. It is this lesson he has learned, we shall see if this lesson learned finally was learned too late.


Update Aug 16


   Recently Romney has picked Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, but lets reveal what was in his mind and why the choice. It is important because of what is to come on earth; as your votes will change the destiny of millions of Americans.

   The campaign backed by hundreds of millions dollars has a goal, return control of this nation subtly to the elite. Look beyond the surface, men with billions are investing with their money. This is not about saving the country that they are so proud of. This is plain and simply an opportunity to invest where the payoff if Romney wins is at least ten fold return on investment. Loose regulations, federal lands and waters opened for energy exploration. Businessmen seize the opportunity, where a political investment pays off as it is about the candidate that will further his ambitions the most, not the country. This has always been a part of politics although now it is more subtle and secretive. The only trail for the public is the money trail hidden by the Super Pacs.

   All of you wonder how and why Ryan was picked? Romney as a candidate has always been a follower of polled opinion; this is why he flips. If he had picked Christi and he accepted, Christiís personality would have made Romney look like a wimp, a bad mix. Rubio would have infuriated the hidden racists in the party reducing the flow of cash from the elite. The votes that would have switch would not have been worth the loss of contributions, and any die hard tea party member would have been turned off. Although few of would have looked ahead to the greatest fear of the Republicans, having to sign off on a Cuban-American presidential candidate in 2020. This is the truth. Rubio you sold your soul to the republicans and those that back them, you let down your community as you promised them, that you would make a change in their lives. It would have been superficial as the party would have reign in your ideas. Instead they kicked you were to the curb and still they expect you to deliver the Hispanic vote. A real person of character would walk away. Are you that brave or just another political coward? Oh, I forgot you are hoping for a cabinet position, is this worth selling out your people, more important, America.

   The other candidates would have looked like just another safe pick to the independents. Ryan, the eliteís hand picked man, now has his reward for the deeds done in the past. The Budget proposal presented to Congress was drafted in the backrooms of the elite and Ryan was enlisted to present it. Fiscal responsibility after wasting trillions on wars and the middle class loses services, 401 accounts, homes and jobs. The rich, oh we made a mistake and we need to cut their taxes so they will invest. A low profile congressman with nothing to loose presented the idea. If it was rejected by the republican base nothing lost, but it wasnít.

   Romney knew the stakes, as Ryan would excite a narrow portion of the base, but the money from a few would energize the campaign. Now Ryan has to be groomed and told what is expected of him, this was reinforced with his trip to Las Vegas. This campaign is rolling it all on the hope that America listens to a commercial rather than their hearts and we shall see. One thing that will not be tolerated is tampering with the vote counts in swing states, take note Rove. As all fraud, if attempted will be dealt with severely and when caught, you better hope the hand of justice when it falls, is from man.

   The media in America needs to take a different approach by asking what you, Romney would have done if the conditions were just like 2008 in this election. Anyone can say they offer a new direction, but what changes would have been different than Obama to stop the job loss? With the Bush tax rates in place, what would you have offered the businesses to spur growth and how would you have replace the loss tax revenue and the loss of property taxes the states incur due to the housing collapse as they cut back payrolls? Ask, do you favor taxing derivatives trading profits that inflate the cost of oil and commodities to curb speculation which offers no service to this country but to enrich a few? Pin the candidates for a yes or no answer as Mitt was in the business and Obama has the experience of the White House. Ask Mitt would he drop or impede through innuendo the bribe investigation of U.S. anti-corruption laws for Sheldon Adelson related to the casinos in China if elected president?  

   Presently the debate has been abstract or what if, candidates needed government help, but when confronted deny it for political reasons as a lie. Yes either you lied or you have little control of staff and even more you memory is fading. This is not what America needs to entrust its future,, candidate who cannot remember, staff that make choices against their leaders. When we were in a depression it is government spending and new financial regulations that saved this country, nothing has changed in history, but political lies would lead to believe something different. Just who is steering that republican ship? One thing that campaign has brought out is that candidates change positions and lie to cover it. America you see this unfolding, it is your choice to go into denial or face the truth, which is it?

   In this election, the focus is about what decisions would have been made, instead of the promises that could be true made possible by the passage of time. The purchasing power of our country was destroyed by the housing crisis allowed by lax oversight under Bush. Let Romney show us how he and his team would have led us out of this depression with a concrete plan. Let America know 2012 does have the challenges as did 2008 with 8 million jobs out the window in a 4 year period. So Romney with your plan to add 12 million jobs in 4 years and you had been president after Bush America would have netted 4 million as we speak overall or are you using that funny math where you count from zero as if nothing happened?

   I expect all of you in the media who has the conscience to save America and stand up for the truth, this not about a party, it is about America. Present the truth and let the chips fall were they may as the candidates take positions.


Update Aug 21


    Many are wondering, why is there so much importance placed on tax returns when America is hurting. We have been told, what the nation needs to focus on is jobs and that is the truth. We have been told that the current economic policies will lead this nation on the same path as Greece so where is the truth?

   Again the American needs to be reminded; it was the policies of the Bush administration that allowed and promoted the abuses of the mortgage fraud. You lost your homes, your 401s cut to less than half on average, disposable income contracted to an extreme. This is what brought America to its financial knees and contracted the job market. Now you, Romney come along after under your partyís watch, we as a nation lost millions of jobs. Oh, yes you need to be reminded it was over 8 million. Both republicans and democrats suffered as one, but somehow this is the past and you have shed the responsibility or conveniently forgotten.

   You hold others responsible for your partyís mistakes when change has not come fast enough. How could it, when most of what was done to the American public is still hidden. The bankers stole trillions on the short side as worldwide markets collapsed which they knew and positioned themselves in advance would come as your party set the foundation.

   So now letís address tax returns Willard. The American people have a choice; this decision affects the direction of this nation where all are affected. Do you know the meaning of all Willard or are you still stuck at about 1 percent? Donít blame me on how I address you, that was your parentís decision and I am addressing you by your legal name, unless you are ashamed, because some of the voters especially the young voter will think of you as foreign. Middle age voters will think, Willard, Willard wasnít that dude, oh, the one who use to like to hang around rats, no it canít be. They donít look the same. Willard, one could question the background of some of your donors and Super Pacs you have keep company with and some could associate a name to them.

   America, Mitt ran for governor and there was a residency requirement to live in the state of Massachusetts for a certain time period. Ask him, why during that time he filed tax returns stating he lived in Utah? Now I know you thought this was buried, I say you have two choices? The first you lied to take advantage of the lower tax rates of the state of Utah while claiming residency in Massachusetts to fulfill requirements to run for governor of the state. Second your mind was so scattered, coupled with lack of control you did not know which state you lived in. Either way, both decisions shows America; we donít need you to lead this nation. Donít even try and blame the tax preparer you signed it, you own it. As I am sure Utah was printed in big letters that even you can see at the top of your return. Greed made America.

   Your tax returns will show all, that either you worked hard and became rich fairly, which America can be proud of or you exploited questionable loopholes in the tax laws that those who want to vote for you can not use. This shows us your character as there are many things we should not do, but they are marginally legal.  Like you can go to Nevada and become a legal prostitute just like England, how would that work for you? More important were there any violations overlooked because your office applied pressure on the IRS. If America is to vote you into the highest office, we need to know you paid your fair share. If not, know this, you stole from the American taxpayer in your greed to exploit tax loopholes and you want us to let you lead this nation?

    Please explain why you have the right to pay less than those you hope votes for you? Tell us Romney when you hide your money overseas, why you do not invest in American industry. Has you money invented anything? Has your money led to more jobs? But maybe you like trading oil and commodity futures, yet you own nothing in the industries, although you will take the cut which is passed on to your voters in higher prices. I hear as you speak in front of thousands if the rich pay less in taxes they will invest. You donít and you pay less now. Your goal is to keep more at the expense of others. Just ask those Americans who lost their jobs they went overseas, please tell us Romney that I have this wrong. But you wonít or you will lie?

   You in the media need to ask these questions for America and if he is true, the answers should flow in the debates, instead of we need to get back to you. Where, after time has passed, consultations to lower damage, think tanks will prepare an evasive canned answer for you to put into your speeches as you trump across America. America is better than that; address the issues when questioned at the debate. For, if you are not prepared to answer for your actions in front of American and your opponent, then you are not prepared to lead this country. Because, is there is an emergency, we need to have answers now. Not after you convene a focus group.

   Do you still believe in God, Romney? I hope so, but know this. If you get elected you have a responsibility first to the people of this great nation. If you put the needs of the elite before the citizen, you will answer to the Almighty while here on earth, and that is a promise. Think back at the last time you used Godís name, the missionary visit to Europe. We would like to think you were really doing Godís work and not trying to dodge serving with our finest. I am sure that will go other just so well if elected, if that was the intent. Remember during the warning all will know your intent if elected.

   Just let America know what are his plans (Romney) if elected? He will make sure the elite are protected at your expense, their services restored first after a disaster, not subject to food rations during earth changes, but many around you including family members will starve. The Jewish elite from Israel will have Utah as new home, all to be paid for by your tax dollars. So that is why he made that recent visit to Israel?

   Remember that law if you start a business with a million dollars they allow immigration to the rich from around the world on a promise. So as you sleep in a tent in a cold farmerís field know what the plans are of those you are voting for. By the way if it wasnít for Obama you would not even have a tent or prepared location, the republicans prepared nothing for the population, but they used your money to build the bunkers for themselves and those they want to live.


Update Aug 23


  Some seals comment, now as a Pac commercial, what is behind it and why? The hidden supporters that want Mitt to win will use any tactic to confuse the American public and this is no different. You that are seals have a right to free speech, but not if you are still in the military and you never question the commander in chief. Be thank Obama is kind and there is no backlash so far, because I would have made examples of you for I know your intent and how you sold out to the wishes of others that pushed this.


   First, they were brave to go in, but went in on the orders of Barack; make no mistake on this decision, which was his alone as your commander in chief. Yes the seal team killed him, but there was intel and most important an order to go. Without this you are just another seal. With all your bravery tell us that just the seals alone are responsible for killing Bin Laden. Next time before you get used as a pawn know the consequences.


   Akin affect is nothing more than another republican getting caught stating how he truly feels on camera. What all republicans need to take notice on is that, you maybe the poster boy today and if they see you as a liability in the public eye, they will throw you under the bus. He will not quit because his views were known and accepted by insiders and now to his dismay, he is out. He wonders where is the loyalty, which was shown to the party? Wake up Akin there is none, you are just in denial. Learn this lesson America as there will much more of this as many more and their intent are exposed.


   This is a warning to the republicans as your intent to suppress the vote in Ohio by causing bottlenecks with out of service machines and reduced hours. All know your base is primarily in the suburbs and rural areas any many are retired with the option to vote anytime. While those in the cities must work live in high density areas with long lines. I will invoke the power of the Almighty to even the playing if you attempt to carry out this injustice. As the goal here is to let the true vote of the people come through whether it is for Romney or Obama, they will decide not your tricks.


Update Aug. 29


   As the Republican Convention proceeds in the wake of the disaster evolving in New Orleans as it could have been Tampa as this was the will of the Almighty and make no mistake. First we are all one although with this election, there is a division in America as the focus is moving away from the people to a party agenda. You here to protect the American citizen first, this is the job you were elected to do.

   Now as the convention has proceeded many have a gut feeling something is not just right. Delegates moved, voices suppressed you need to ask why? Your party is to consider all options and when any option is removed it is your freedom as a party that is being taken away, subtle at first, but still there. You are one them and they have shut you down for a slightly different view as this is your right as a voter. History has taught you when this escalates, the party will evolve into something none of you have envisioned, but you gave it the power by apathy as the rules were changed. If America wants you then why shut down voting access? If America wants you then why is there need to lie? If America wants you why are there no details of what you would have done different in Obamaís place? If America wants you then why did the Supreme Court allow unlimited money into campaigns to sway votes?

   America needs a leader with a vision that all can see before the office is taken. America needs a leader not gift in one area, but all. For you if lack in another, all of us lose. You as republicans need to reflect on what America truly wants and needs.

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