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Ignore or Heed This




Written Sept 10 12:45am EST


   I ask all of you in the media, who knows, there is something wrong. Some of you now debate with a passion as if the future of the world depends on it, and it does. Some of you have followed these words, which at many times are blocked, stats doctored and links buried behind duplicate nonsense in the search engines. I keep telling you, all is not what it seems and the world depends on your analysis to lead the people in this nation. Have you? I watched Joy and Chris waste the time of this nation on a birther issue. We all know the Republican Party played to a base of hate and still does. Trump as a business man saw an opportunity to push a message to brand his name. He did not care about the politics at that time. It was about greed, but after a hard lesson of betrayal as he took the fall with no benefits he is excising revenge to change the party or destroy it. As of now it is change. People change respect that.

   For the Republicans it was to place doubts in American voters for Romney to win, all of you know this. Hillary’s did start this through a group that cannot be traced back to her, unless there is a devastating email dump. We shall see. Will Trump comment, no, as you know his base will say, oh know? The truth, he is not hateful, but you are led to believe this. He was played and what is so sad, all of you know it.

   These are your politicians as they planned this and use others to promote a message. But you don’t see the big picture as you focus on minor events to herd the mentality of this nation. You need to move on.  No, he will not bow down; as no leader will, who is fighting for the Truth. The goal is to win, do you know this concept? I work for the Almighty, not mankind to save all. I have told you Hillary has pledged to the dark side. Trump is undecided. This is only why we support him. If this changes this world loses. This is what is at stake. Please tell me, that you and your politics, knows the future? The Almighty does, remember that.

   All of you have been warned about the cataclysms coming and to your surprise, billions will die and your leaders know this as they lied to you. You are clouded as to the agenda of communism, humanism, modernism and socialism as all answer to one. When pushed, the East will move for land. As survival is pivotal, Russia and China will attack on an opportunity while preaching the words of peace. There is no trust; there is no honor only lies.  You are so naive and that is why the Almighty stated the West will fall in the Bible. These are His Words, His Warnings and you ignore them. Look at your History, mighty Rome fell to Hannibal in war as homosexuality and sin reached a peak. Look back all civilizations that were similar fell the same way. America promotes same sex and has brought it up a notch with killing babies. Yet you call yourselves a Christian.

   You are a conditional Christian standing between the light and dark as you pick and choose what you want to believe, only to fall between them. There is no middle ground like politics.

   Now prayers from the few have muted the minor chastisements and warnings. Although with the disasters that have displaced hundreds of thousands in places your media suppresses, you are influenced with climate change as science explains all when some knows this is a lie. You take mercy on the human race as weakness that there is no God and that in your arrogance will cost some of you, your lives. Instead of more prayers and reflections on life you carry on blindly. I ask again when you say our hearts and prayers go out, say them with intent instead of the public façade that you really care, because you don’t.

   Now for your scientists that state there is no proof of the super natural and you believe, but you believe in ghosts. You are hypocrites. I just released the secrets of gravity and off world technology for how saucers work, as your scientists clueless. But, you will listen to the inept, just like ducks following the leader over a waterfall. When the Warning comes I expect this message to resonate in your minds. After it is over and if you are alive, your only job is to join the army of God and save this world from the evil that crept in all parts of society.

   Oh, Obama I would reconsider your choice to campaign for Hillary. She hates you and you suspect this. There are repercussions if you believe in God, if not, continue as planned, just a thought. Your wife should back out, spare her please. As I said, you know the Truth, stop tainting souls. I have always been on your side as the slaps were meant to improve, but you now need to answer to God instead of men. A man will not save your ass, but the Almighty will as He has done many times in the past. Heed this.


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