Higgs Boson Particle



Written July 8


   Mankind is his quest to prove his intelligence within the universe, have ventured over 40 plus years in pursuit of the Higgs Boson sub atomic particle aka, “The God Particle”, which some physicists guess is theoretically responsible for the creation of mass. Where is the truth in the news release presented to the world in early July 2012?

   Let’s review a few rules, established by Physicists of the past through experimentation and the gift of time. First, matter cannot be created or destroyed within established universe under independent natural interactions. Second, an elementary subatomic particle that is basic by your definition means, it does not breakdown. Are you making room for exceptions to force approval of a theory?

   With limited understanding of the nature of sub atomic particles you have pondered, why simple photons do not have mass? This is a good question, but not yet in your present day Physics books.

   Photons are basically an energy release signature of sub atomic particles emitted from a mass due to an excess from specific events of saturation, when released, its properties are determined by the total energy over equilibrium of the total system, its mass composition and its sub atomic vibrational frequency. Although massless, they are affected by gravity subatomic particles, as crowding bends their path. This was documented with experiments where their direction is temporarily redirected as they passed a significant gravitational intake source. The key is that, as an energy emission, in its pure form, does not allow gravitational subatomic particles to gather and then be expelled from its photon subatomic core like the properties that affect general matter. Thus, the appearance of no mass is observed.

   Remember that gravity, a basic subatomic particle flows to and from the core of any nucleus. This is the process of gathering mass that already exists. Is this not the principle of blacks holes and now you are changing the parameters, why? Oh, that is right many of you still believe gravity is a wave created as 2 masses attract.

   There are many secrets of the universe and man has solved few. You speak of the Higgs particle as to validate there is no higher form than a human, your black project scientists’ laugh. They know better. Why you think colliders, are being closed, gravitational wave detectors shelved? This was not by accident and budget cuts, just an excuse.

    The unproven Higgs particle is suppose to have no charge or spin, so how is there an attraction. You speak of a field, yet invisible that when a particle passes through gains mass, but observations does not reveal any particle gaining mass in our present universe.

   So from the dawn of time, where academia hypothesizes there was a singularity, you use this theory to fill in your pathetic scientific gaps to counter a divine creator. Yet, all of you know, the layman has to take you for your word. I call each and every one of you to reconsider your positions. You have been told all of theories on the atom are wrong and Quantum Mechanics is baseless for particle theory. Now since you think my words are so shallow, I have asked to render your primary lab useless.

   My advice to the atheist scientist, consider just maybe there is something greater. It is your choice. Have you ever wondered why you get so o o close, but never prove the break through? You speak of having the knowledge of the universe most of which is wrong, but allude to mankind all is possible. This is false. Are your gravitational laboratories closed? Do you see that the assistants and interns are slowly being let go. Most of you have to do your own research. Change is here and you as scientists are being used. Where explanations of events unknown, it will be you that will be used to deceive the population. Know this, if you agree you will be responsible for the events that follow by being misleading, as you accepted compensation to promote a lie.  

   There is no particle that has the properties to create mass. The theory states, mass is transferred by dragging through the field and no interaction dictates massless particles. How did this field come into being? If it was part of your singularity, the field would be present and the mass would have grown within itself as all motion could never be frozen. What force is responsibility for containment? What caused the breach? None of you know how the singularity came into existence or the field, if it was true. This theory of Higgs Boson was and to this day is to give an alternate explanation for creation as a random set of events. Only the Almighty is capable of creation, where matter is projected to any point within a spatial realm in any shape or form and in some cases living coupled with conscience thought and the ability to exist in a system that has balance.

   Your minds just beginning to grasp the secrets of the universe, and in your pride you have made a great mistake as a sentient life form, you are starting to consider yourself as creators and hold the keys of wisdom of the universe. Children in a playpen as if you are in control all around you. Heed this; through divine intervention, the Almighty will make an example of your Large Hadron Collider. Quakes in what you consider a geological stable area will shake the foundation of your laboratories with subtle events, alignment within the ring will shift and not one of you will use this facility again to disprove the existence of God. You will know who is all powerful as you try to convince the world, Father does not exist.


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