The Red Cross Appearance of the 12th Planet


   The appearance of the Red Cross predicted by many prophets and religious has started to take the form in the daytime skies of late 2003 with the proper filters when observing and photographing the Sun. This is an astronomical event, which was witnessed by ancients and its written description captured in folklore of the American Indians and in the Revelation passages of the Bible. The 12th planet, a rare life-bearing, brown dwarf world with its own internal sources of light and heat, has an atmosphere similar to Earth. It is the diffused passage of light emanating from its core through its various layers atmosphere and its diffraction through the air of Earth that will form the top of its cross like appearance in the daytime skies. The bottom half of the cross will stun astronomers in the near future as dozens of moons trailing behind up to 5 million miles behind the 12th planet, slink and waft from side to side while individual moons swirl about each other in a tornado like fashion confirming the theories of particle movement and the balance between the gravitational and repulsion forces.

   So could this event be related to the spiritual development of mankind? Yes, for some as they will make changes in their lives and for others, none as they continue on their current path, but this is not the event to come. The universe was created by God and the use of astronomical phenomena and sound scientific principles is one of his methods, why wouldn't it be? The visible appearance of the Red Cross by the naked eye (date will not given) will be the sign of change and choices will be made, but that is up to the individual. What will follows unseats most scientific knowledge gathered in the field of astrophysics as the tilt of the Earth twists and turns until the poles lay horizontal along the Ecliptic plane creating 3 days of darkness. The 3 days of darkness as foretold in the Bible has significance for the spiritual at heart and for insight into that view outside of normal scientific facts click Here. For those who believe in God, you may want to pay attention to the passage, for those who don't, you can ignore.

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