Fusion Reactors


   Fusion reactors, a goal of scientists over the last 50 or so years has alluded them, so how can we redirect research where the break through for development will be measured in months instead of years?

    The current lines of research are depending upon ultra high power lasers and other innovations mimicking the heat and compression within stellar objects to initiate reactions, but is this the best approach? Yes extreme heat will be created, but more important compression is needed. How will the reaction be controlled. Consider the amount of power used to compress the hydrogen nuclei and the heat needed to start the reaction. Key question, how efficient will this process be? There is another avenue of research.

    So why are details to the fusion technology being released when the slicing technology is far more efficient, compact, and Earth friendly? First there still is a technical hold on all information dependent upon the actions of the US Government, which are moving along and currently there is a need to replace all nuclear reactors based on fission technology, which is the source of all enriched uranium. All nations speak of its peaceful use, but we all know this not true. When it comes behind the scenes of diplomacy there are always excuses to the exceptions, a mission to point blame, money, power, land, resources or just control.

   With the introduction of fusion technology, all non declared nuclear, rogue states or nations will have their fission reactors replaced by cleaner safer fusion reactors. Starting with the nations that has the greatest potential to develop weapons grade elements first as to not allow stockpiling, of what is not suppose to exist. There will be no backdoor friendly nation agreements put into place to delay, divert or false flag event to declare a need. No country on Earth is exempt for any reason. For all will answer to God.

   The covert production of enriched uranium, plutonium or any other element that can used in a weapon will be banned and violations subject to the World Court and isolation. No country will covertly endanger the Earth. No matter what controls are in place. If there are no weapons. Then there is no need for controls, because absence of a threat super cedes the trust of men. If you have a problem with these directives, then you are truly not the men of peace you portray in public and you may have another agenda. For the safety of this Nation and the World against rouge threats, we owe our citizens a best effort to eliminate the "terrorist threat", for the continuation and preservation of our nation, our neighbors, and the rest of the World. Human nature does introduce a mixture of actions dependent upon needs or the source of action, thus not all can not be trusted, so plans for the neutrino particle detector will be given first to the United States and then joint access to another detector so that all primary declared nuclear powers can share. All rogue threats no what is the source shall be removed.

   The complexities of compression to fuse atoms mankind has developed is inefficient and will never achieve the desired results for an economically feasible fusion reactor. Current technology is based on heat and compression, which has to come from one coherent enveloping source. This process has almost no controls on field equalization, does not compensate for differentials in atomic structure groupings that are present at the reaction point and the variances associated at any particular interval of time as the reaction unfolds. The fuel elements for the most part vaporizes and disperses most of the atomic structure before the fusion process can engage. On the subatomic level, there will never be one clean perfect spherical compression zone desired by your scientists, as many conflicting patterns would emerge due particle movement, only a few by the laws of chance results in the merging of hydrogen atoms and its subsequent release of energy.

   The basic process concerning compression of hydrogen and the eventual fusion into helium within stellar cores is known, therefore how can we artificially induce the process by amplifying or accelerating what causes the hydrogen nuclei to fuse? Within a stellar object there is a point of compression, where the natural repulsion that keeps atoms apart is compromised. It is this sharing of the electron streams or fields, which causes an imbalance within the atomic structure. Mankind assumes that the elementary particles of electrons, protons and neutrons are whole, which when examined by researchers are in a stable form and are always complete particles. A breakdown in this process is when the mass of the nucleus exceeds the carrying capacity electron field or its ability to neutralize the charge related to the proton/neutron atomic structure, then equalization occurs through radioactivity. The rate of mass loss and sometimes transmutation to another element is dependent the properties of the isotope. You see this in your half life measurements of radioactive isotopes.

   Now you be introduced new concept related to the common components of the nucleus, where all share the same basic set of subatomic particles, but with some different components and sustained charges. It is the stabilization of these set of subatomic particles that creates mankind's primary particles related to the atomic structure. Details of this relationship and the atomic structure will be covered in the upcoming major revision of The Atomic Structure. But, we shall address how and why hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

   The interstellar medium which comprises most of the mass within the universe, is by design as all matter recycles or returns to its basic format. This is especially true when any new cluster or galaxy forms after a localized big bang. Initially as subatomic particles are on the move, it is this motion that dictates charge at this most basic level. As the negative field component is stripped via motion, a differential develops. Thus, an attraction develops with other negatively charged subatomic particles. It is the non uniformity of the process that allows the subatomic particles to clump, build or dissipate. When a positive set of subatomic particles achieves a point or mass where the electron stream maintaining neutrality equalizes a stable relationship between the basic building blocks of matter ensues, thus the creation of the hydrogen atom. A single proton with a stable electron field, which is neutralizing the total charge and energy within the hydrogen atomic structure.

   Gravity at this level is only still an insignificant force, but still plays a part of the process of mass coalescing. As the level of the element rises, there is an exponential decrease in random incidence due to collision or attraction for creating the next element. As the universe matures through the fusion process within stellar masses, subatomic movement of gravity particles then start to gather a mass of heavy elements. Over time the flow of gravity is strong enough to capture interstellar dark matter and light elements like hydrogen. Once enough mass is gathered, the force of gravity then starts to compress the normal electron fields concerning stabilization and they are force to share the same space. Random interactions and imbalances causes atomic structures to join, thus invoking a fusion process inside the core of a large gravitational mass.

   To artificially create a reaction zone where the fusion process would normally occur, we must recreate what compression from what extreme gravity does, forces a shared electron field zone between 2 or more elements. So what adjustment to the natural process occurring within the core of a stellar mass could be made? Simply it will be by replacing the force of gravity, which provides the compression forcing shared fields on the subatomic level by increasing the electron stream that which binds the nucleus. By bombarding the atomic structure with an increased negatively charged stream, an imbalance occurs and positively charged subatomic particles within the field are attracted, thus field sharing occurs artificially by a charge, instead of gravitational compression.

   The fuel to start will be heavy water only because of the need for neutrons in the helium creation process is available, but shortly in the future a secondary injection of neutron related subatomic particles from any source will do as the process is refined. The key again is control on all levels, fluctuation of the electron stream to maintain an imbalance between the shared atomic structures. This creates opportunities for the atomic structure to breakdown and reform until a desired result is achieved. You will use a new technique of particle crowding to contain the reaction zone, not magnetic fields. The advantage of particle crowding is its charge neutral and allows for a more precise control of a targeted area with no intermingling of matter.  Once fusion occurs at the equalization point for helium to coalesce there will be a release of excess energy. The excess energy will be used and exploited in the same way your fission reactors generate electricity. So how can this process be achieved with research equipment available now? 

   When the introduction of results from electron stream bombarding at the atomic structure by your particle accelerators, it will show the emergence of new isotopes that were previously not there. This will be the proof that current models of the atomic structure are incorrect. Only then against old school opposition will you be given all necessary assets to achieve your goal.

  Recently, you have been given a general solution to the Unified Field Theory and the basis of theory dictates how the general of forces of nature behave, but are dependent upon one common field. From this knowledge we can expand our scientific views to take advantage of new ways to manipulate the atomic structure. Reinforcing the one concept that needs to changed is the need for extreme temperatures for the fusion process to initiate. Heat is a by product from the reaction not a requirement for its cause, but compression is. So lets address how  fusion works, then tweak the process to use just what adjustments are needed to the atomic structure is necessary to invoke a reaction.

   This process is not the best as it falls short direct creation of an electron flow without the need for generators, its is massive in size and non-portable, but it is a start and is based on present day technology. Thus, there will be acceptance in the scientific field to allow research to proceed. It is a low technological energy source and will be basis to eliminate the terrorist threat due to the lack of enriched fuel, radiation leaks, spent fuel radioactive storage, but allow the rest of the world cleaner energy than presently available without releasing the advanced energy technology based on atomic slicing. 

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