Unified Field Theory


Unified Field Theory

A theory that will explain the basic fundamental forces of nature and the Universe. We shall evolve beyond the concepts of relativity and quantum mechanics into one theory, sometimes called the Theory of Everything (TOE) where all forces are related to one unified field. In the graphic to the right, replace the typo weak magnetic force in the diagram with current theories of the weak nuclear force.  



   Mankindís effort to unify all the natural forces under one theory is pointing in the right direction, and if this concept of linking all forces under one umbrella is possible, where could insight be provided in order to investigate or solve this issue that has plagued scientists over the last two centuries? Presently the best scientific minds on Earth have proposed that gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force are the 4 primary forces, but cannot link gravity to the group under current theories. Gravity, which affects the macro world, but has no link to Mankindís Quantum Theory that seems to explain the behavior and nature of matter on the sub atomic level or micro world with the remaining 3 forces. The nuclear force whether strong or weak is still the same basic category of force, which shall be covered later as we address the atomic structure.

   Einstein was only starting when he concluded that all the major  primary forces shared one unified field and that each was a manifestation of this field. But, without a complete understanding on how gravity works and the revised version of the structure of the nucleus he was not even close to solving the theory. We will now complete what Einstein started and give insight to how one field affects all matter from the grand macro scale of the universe down to the micro scale of the atomic structure, thus the Unified Field Theory.

   A Unified theory would give a road map to a new energy sources far beyond present day technology by the process of atomic slicing, which removes particles related to mankind's perception of an electron and its associated positive sub atomic particles that are part of the nucleus. This is the ability to transmute one element to another one level down without creating an unstable element that would risk the release of sub atomic particles related to radioactivity, thus a stable transition over and over again until the basic atom of hydrogen is achieve while harvesting all energy between the step down processes. Time travel which is covered in the relativity paper by moving matter between universes in conjunction with coordinated movement about the space in the targeted zones of particles related to the progression of time flowing in a stream can be traversed forward and backwards are just some of the wonders on the near horizon.

The Strong and Weak Nuclear Force 

   With the knowledge that it is the electron stream or field of subatomic particles that surrounds and flows through the nucleus, binding its structure is covered in the papers atomic structure and antimatter. We can examine how this works and the forces created by this field during its interaction with the atomic structure. It is the potential between the stream of subatomic particles related to mankind's version of the electron and its natural levels of stability and the charge of the proton related subatomic particles that binds the nucleus and some cases its an overall neutral charged particles. Where massive amount of energy can be present, but it is the overall static equilibrium and basic neutral charge that is observed in general science.

   How does this concept work on the level of strong nuclear force within current scientific models, just look at fusion process in your weapons systems. Symmetrical compression forces the electron sub atomic particle fields of 2 heavy hydrogen atoms to merge, there is a polarity shift within the nucleus thus attracting an additional primary proton and then binding other particles held together its own charge neutrality. Once electron subatomic particle stream achieves stability and locks in this case produces Helium, the overall charge within the nucleus at its core is neutral and the nucleus with enormous energy maintains a containment perimeter shell in equilibrium, the excess subatomic particles and related energy no longer a stable part of the nucleus is released thus the vast amounts of energy freed.

   When you use your particle accelerators to form new elements they do not break apart into basic elementary structures and reform like your fission theories. It is the chance encounter that electron fields of the stream particle are shared in the freak collision and temporary stability of the stream allows the nucleus to take on additional charged protons. Thus your new elements, but unstable as they quickly break down. In the case of the concept of the weak nuclear force, radioactivity is where the electron stream  maintains the integrity of the nucleus, but as the mass shifts towards stability due to an imbalance an excess of subatomic particles related to the nucleus. It is done by shedding these subatomic particles and collective groups, which leads to the transmutation of  matter in order to maintain a balance with the electron stream. Mankind sees this process as a emission or ejection of subatomic particles from the nucleus as manifesting in some form of radioactivity.

   So how can these concepts be tested in a way that will to provide a valid research path and quiet some backers of quantum mechanics and the string theorists. Set up your particle accelerators deliver precise streams of particles related to the electron and focus them at atomic structures. Instead maintaining the target containment field using electromagnetic fields, direct a set of spherical streams of neutral hydrogen subatomic particles to provide a symmetrical pressure containment field. You will first find that you can create isotopes and with a little tweaking of the process transmutation of matter. Creation of heavy water will be simplified, Fusion reactors though bulky and inefficient will leap years ahead in development from several decades to months. More important if an element can be transmuted upward by the introduction of the electron stream, the reverse and its energy is also possible. The key is to realize it is the electron subatomic particle stream and its charge that determines the basic atomic structure. This is mankind's next leap on technology.

Electro-Magnetic Fields

    We can now link this same electron subatomic particle field or stream that flows through the atomic structure with the creation of a magnetic field. So how is this field created within the core or the Earth and Sun when internal temperatures are above the curie temperature? Heat is needed for the fluid motion where atomic alignment does flow, but it is the compression within the iron-nickel cores of cosmic objects that allows an electromagnetic field to generate. This same natural polarized stream as it passes through atoms of iron, nickel and cobalt organization occurs if molecular movement of atoms is achieved. As the atoms align in the direction of the polarity flow of subatomic particles as they move between the poles of the nucleus. The compression of the atomic structure allows overlapping electron fields and the fields line up side by side, end to end as a compromise of the atomic matrix of the least resistance. The subatomic particles related to magnetism are normally held in close proximity to the nucleus and are released in a diffused state, in sub atomic particles fields related to iron, nickel and cobalt, magnetic sub atomic particle groupings takes advantage of the gaps within their subatomic particle field streams. Instead of expulsion and absorption about the nucleus in random patterns dependent upon low density points within its atomic field causing diffusion, organization allows reinforcement and a greater differential between the polar extremes as the atomic structures between the extremes grows numbers and compression. It is these organized magnetic subatomic particle flow lines and the electro magnetic repulsion between each other due to subatomic particle crowding, that creates the magnetic lines forces known in today's science. This magnetic field could be projected locally or affect stellar and galactic systems. Thus, a magnetic field as an organized stream of electron related sub atomic polarized particles are expelled in a pattern from the north pole of an atom or the collective a mass. The spatial expansion of the field is limited only by the charge and size and compression of the mass.

Gravity and the Repulsion Force  

   So how does this same stream affect the propagation of gravity? In the case of gravity this sub atomic particle adapts a different aspect of the stream, the neutral charge related the this same stream flowing through the center of atom or on a macro scale, a collective of atoms or cosmic mass. As this subatomic particle clumps around the core of all mass, irrelevant of what state the matter is in, the particle adapts the neutral charge flowing through binding the nucleus. It is when the charge on the subatomic gravity particles matches the core and like charge of the collective subatomic particles builds up until it overcomes core containment and is expelled or repulsed in tight streams from the mass. This process occurs whether it is just an atom or a massive black hole, thus determining the strength of the return flow, the  gravitational field. Once ejected, the former gravity particle, now a repulsion subatomic particle loses its neutral charge due to intermittent contact of the of electron subatomic particle field flow associated with dark and drifting matter in space, thus the charge slowing bleeds away. As the charge differential builds between what was lost and the neutral charge of a ejection mass, dependent upon the intensity of this charge due to the new attractive host mass, compression and distance from this source, a return flow forms. It is the pressure related to the flow of the gravity particles as passes through a mass in the direction of the neutral charged core that it is attracted and clumps to that creates the force related to gravity.

   The opposite force, repulsion occurs when a mass gets close enough to another mass and the neutral charged streams ejected crowd the general area to a point, where the streams with the same charge as the mass' core repulse each other, resulting in an orbit as incoming gravity particles and the push back from repulsion particles of the masses equalize.

   The gravity sub atomic particle is a part of all matter and only as a collective of a large mass does its flow combine thus projecting a force that can affect other matter. The repulsion force elusive to Einstein is a result of gravity particles clumping within the cores of matter adapting the neutral charge, building, then repulsing each other until ejection in concentrated streams along breach points. As these particles lose their charge in outer space they flow back to the neutral charge dependent upon distance and charge differential, but still a weak force.

   We have now covered the 4 primary forces and a new one the repulsion force, so lets address the last, still not a part of Earth science vibrational intensity or force of the atomic structure. As the vibrational intensity of the stream is stable so there is no perceivable change in the current state of matter. Although this is not the case in the universe and this does affect matter within certain zones on Earth the phenomena occurring with areas like the Bermuda Triangle. Unexplained with current science, but myths and theories are abound.

The Vibrational Force

   The vibrational force although new to mankind, is a force that controls all states and forms of matter. It is the natural energy level or vibrational frequency the atom structure that creates a stable mass or a universal plane of existence, based on the density of dark matter present in the interstellar medium. When Einstein stated mankind was not ready for this knowledge, this was it. Experimentation with this force has proved disastrous for US scientists in the past and I will only describe generalities, but provide no new technological information that will allow mankind to move forward in this avenue of research.


   So how did scientists stumble upon density shifting? It was a unique combination, building on Tesla's magnetic field research, someone concluded that an advanced magnetic field may be enhanced by encapsulating it in a vacuum. Now remember, that the absence of dark matter as in a vacuum will now allow a higher vibrational rate for the atomic structure within the carrier the stream. This is what controls the many planes or parallel levels in the Universe. When new levels of energy were added creating an intense magnetic field, the natural vibrational rate of the stream went unopposed with no sub atomic particle density push back from the natural interstellar medium of dark matter as a limiter, the magnetic structure alignment almost became coherent in its field format, thus transmuting all matter affected within the primary magnetic field to the surprise of the scientists, which breached the encasement. What they little understood, is that the 4th density or for them an alternate reality has its own forces and laws of motion. So when transmuted matter in the affected field area was shifted out and as energy levels dissipated a most matter return the its original state on earth, those who were living moved and they drifted in space and time, due to curiosity. Thus men and static materials materialized were in positions other than there point of origin. In most cases death occurred due this movement. Did the experiment produce some desired effects, yes. But without control of matter drifting, which shall not be mastered by mankind in its present form, research was eventually halted on an active level. What will be the result if others followed this same path, death of those involved either by foolish accidents or rogue groups interested in the safety of mankind. Sadly no new knowledge will be gained in the loss of life. In the future wise use of this technology will be the key to access of parallel universes and faster than light travel.


   Matter in the universe exists in infinite states under the concept there was no beginning. Nor will there be an overall end. All of this is beyond human comprehension. These parallel universes do not contain alternate timelines or duplicate versions of the same sentient being. The details on vibration of the atomic structure is detailed in Density Shifting covering the relationship of universal planes matter and the passage of time. The fundamental foundation of the concept states that matter can exist in in the same space dependent upon the vibrational energy level of the atomic structure. Can not vapor and liquid exist within the space, but  both unique states of matter slide by each other and subject to different laws, forces and motions?

   Rumors of matter disappearing within the Bermuda Triangle and the black project such as the Philadelphia Experiment, an attempt to shift matter into a different realm in order to evade radar detection, all information and knowledge held far away from the public eye are based on fact. Although most would rather not know of its existence if it jolts their present position in life. Also deep within the secluded deserts under the oath of national security, certain craft hover against the force of gravity leading the concerned observer that there is a new force yet undiscovered by mainstream science. So lets put the casual research scientist on the same playing field as those exclusive scientists working for the Black Projects. During the next decade or so, there will be a re-definition the primary forces, which shall be known as the Basic Five Forces gravity, magnetism, nuclear, repulsion, and atomic structure vibration all linked to the common factors within or about the structure of the atom and its subatomic particle field, which shall define as one Unified Field that controls all spatial fields of the universe and its many levels. 



The Overview and Common Factors 


   In bullet point 1, it is stated, all forces have the same basic component, a polarized sub atomic particle, that takes advantage of  a potential or neutral charges within the core of an atomic structure, but how is this so? In the case of gravity, there is more to be understood, as a force between two or more masses that seems to attract each other, presently the current theory. There now is a modification to this theory. The subatomic particle related to gravity is attracted to not only the pressure void created by exiting repulsion particle that clumps naturally in the core of any mass, but also due to its differential of its natural charge while drifting in space to neutral charge within the host mass.

   In the case of over crowding within the core of the host mass, there occurs from the influx or field of gravity subatomic particles flowing towards the core of the host mass, as a natural process of the pressure void left by the exiting repulsion particles and the like charge. There is a build up of like charges as the gravity particles adapt the charge of the core. As the charge on the gravity particles becomes equal, they now become repulsion particles, where containment is limited by the incoming gravitational field and mass. The like charged particle that is stored at the center of the mass is now repulsive. Thus, when equilibrium is breached, they are expelled at high velocities. When encountering any mass it either passes through or deflects its mass.

 In the case of the structure of the atom and magnetism mankind is familiar with polarization. New is the concept of all matter resonating at a particular range of frequencies so we had to establish new rules and parameters for the vibrational force.


   In bullet point 2, all controlling factors point to the nucleus, why? For electromagnetism, it is the availability of sub atomic particles related to magnetic flow and its ability to organize and take advantage of gaps in the electron cloud in certain metals. Gravity and repulsion particles take advantage of the total collective neutral charge from the single atom to a cosmic mass. With the vibrational force it is the amount of a sub atomic particle naturally found in dark matter that limits the natural frequency of the nucleus and thus, determines its plane of existence. The nuclear force is self explanatory, two attractive forces creating stability.


   In bullet point 3, gravity and repulsion particles react to the crowding of the core, subatomic particles related to electromagnetism reacts to polarized crowding around the nucleus thus taking advantage of less crowded gaps in an organized electron cloud and nuclear takes advantage of neutrality and equilibrium left by movement charged electron related particles. The vibrational force is limited by the density of the interstellar medium, dark matter.


   In bullet point 4, all of the forces either enter or leave the nucleus in some fashion, by absorption, expulsion, flow thru or piggy backing in the gaps of particles already on the move. It is  only the charge determines the extent of field expansion with the spatial confines of the universe.


   The Unified Field Theory reconciles all aspects of various field theories linked to the basic forces. Thus, establishing a comprehensive set of rules that interact independently, but share common aspects that affect each other with a certain degree of dependency. Mankind must expand beyond conventional wisdom of established theories look at each of the fields of having an almost infinite spatial volume dependant upon levels of energy, where all particles related to the primary forces interact, flow to and from the structure of the atom while trying to achieve a state of equilibrium. For all forces emanate from the basic structure of the atom. A model that expands the beyond the general concepts of distance like gravity, magnetism not only controls local events, but expands to encompass galaxies. All linked by the knowledge that all forces originate at the atomic or subatomic particle level and all participating in a never ending dance with each other.

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