Governments will tell a Partial Truth that all are in Peril by no Choice, but not Reveal your true Purpose

Vintage Grant Chronicles Applies Now


Written Aug 20 2013

Re-released May 26 2015


   I will speak to the media first. All of you have followed the words written here for many months, and a few for some for years. Some with distain as what I say is considered crazy talk, but on the other side it seems like gospel. As events unfold the crazy talk will morph into denial, but what does not need to happen is to compare these words like gospel. Only the words inspired from Jesus Christ has this status, no man on earth does, no man including pope Francis the false prophet now on the seat of Peter unless authorized by God, the Almighty as one of his prophets.

   You in the media will be the first to feel the pain as all of what is honest in your profession shall be challenged. The world will no longer expect you to focus on the Truth. When you try mentioning any site similar as events come true, you will be called into the office. Tell the world a version that is their Truth and you will be fired or worse if you do not comply

   All of this does not make sense now, but what I ask each and everyone of you who knows there is just a spark of truth here, prepare. You will watch in disbelief as events unfold rapidly, and the trusted mode of communication is word of mouth which can be denied. You have been told the voice of the free press will be crushed, not just suppressed and that time shall be shortly upon you. All of you will know you have been betrayed, but if you place these thoughts in the back of your mind, you will not be a surprised when it is realized.

   All of you will grasp for the experts to explain what is happening, but your science does reflect how the universe works or the events facing this earth. Science comes from God the creator and it is here at this site that reveals some of the true secrets of the universe. Remember through a gift of God how the universe unfolded to understand gravity & repulsion, the atomic structure, unified field theory, the stellar fusion process, creation of stars and planets, perpetual energy, particle movement all solved here several years ago. Mankind would have to scrap all laws in physics and astronomy, all. Your astronomers have to start from scratch and you will have them prepare and explain to the world? Their best guests, half truths all amount to a deception as anything but the Truth is a lie.

   No matter how spin it, life on other worlds, the epic event that shapes the future of human life, it is a spiritual decision to save your sorry souls in the end, the point who is listening. What has been told to you has been forced as almost all in control wanted the majority of earth population to die in the disasters unprepared. This is the Truth. Know this America, it is Obama that will save your asses as he has a plan, a little thin, but it is better than none, the executive orders by-passed republican and elite democratic opposition to give you a chance. This is what you do not know. They wanted him dead, because he felt you should know what is coming. It is just human decency to be given a chance for closure and love. As events unfold, know who your ally was, no matter how bitter the opposition presents their version of the Truth.

   To the general public, thoughts will race through your mind. Am I in the right relationship to depend upon my partner in a disaster? Others will think, if my life ends, I am going out on top for those, they are lost. More important all of you will think of how to position yourselves if life is to go on as those in control will present to the population. For the woman many will become self absorbed in vanity as this is their asset and for some morals will dissolve. With “the end of the world” being put forth all at the elite level and the wannabes will do almost anything to survive by attaching to those of importance. Sins of the flesh will morph as love the one you are with, families intact for decades may dissolve with the acceptance of lust, pride and arrogance.

   The acknowledgment of the human experience as it is based in love that which is a part of God will accept almost any union  most excluding minors and mental health due to humanism. This is a slap in the face of the Almighty by His children. You as a man or woman need to protect your family at all costs. For it is love, that will bring all to salvation beyond your dreams. No man in position of power, money can offer you safety, but he will use you until someone better comes along. You do get old quickly with stress and lack of cosmetics and convienent surgery; remember as new faces come to age, you are done as this is how you rose. You have a choice survival of the fittest where almost all will die and then lose their souls or faith and hope, choose. So what are sins of the flesh as a guide?

   Many know when they cross the line, “the name of love or your finally getting it” leading to adultery, coveting another’s spouse leading to lies and theft. But it is the actions that lead up to this that creates the greatest sins of the flesh, lust. I ask each of you when you look at another what is your intent? You strike up the conversation in jest, the bold pass a comment that can be taken both ways as a probe; others just smile or use their eyes, and let’s not play the game. Once infested, you do not care if they are in a relationship or married and you justify your actions in your mind over and over as love convincing yourself this is right. It is not, it is lust. This is the Truth. Little do you care of the hurt that would be caused at home, as you offer a just façade of an escape? If on the other side would your habits and the knowledge of the “trophy is secure”, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Will this keep you home in bliss forever or if, when stale you move on? What hurt would you experience if it was your partner that left you for another? You would be angry, hurt and it is all these emotions that feed the dark one.

   Now fast forward to where lives are one the line and emotions rage as opportunity is presented in months instead of years. Many will allow the influence of the sins of flesh to affect you in the moment of short passion. This is what you are up against. Love will be presented as the reason for these choices, but it is the deceiver that tempts. The pressure, the moves, all choreographed in your mind by suggestion to redefine the emotion of love as there is fallout and this is the goal.  He or she is here for me, but in any relationship the first months are always intense and the obvious flaws your loved ones see, ignored. That which is established is destroyed and in many cases this is true love.

   Treasure what you have as confusion befalls the earth. Do not let the short proposition tempt you to leave a home. When put to the test, lust is a poor bargaining chip if your life is on the line, know the difference. Trust is built up over a lifetime, not a set of stolen moments in a bedroom. Emotion is a spark, which in true love is replaced by responsibility, again this is the Truth.


Your True Purpose


   Children of earth you are in exile as your parents were deceived by the dark one with everything they could want broke the command of Father and we were punished as descendants. Now Jesus not a prophet as many on earth believe, but the true Son of God has done His part by dying for you during His first and only coming on earth in the flesh, thus eliminating death and sin if you except His Mercy. Yes when this is over all will live forever. All will have perfect bodies. All will want for nothing. This is a promise from Jesus as the new earth shall be the greatest and most beautiful planet and home in all of the universes.

   All in the universe have come here to see how God’s children will rise up and fight the greatest evil in the universe. The few, the brave, that which is against those who control the world. A battle of the souls where light, the Remnant Army backed by the power of Jesus, Mary and the Almighty against the dark, the false prophet or pope, and the antichrist with the spirit of satan backed by Rothschild money, governments and the media. All of you will see shortly as the first of the chastisements affect earth to change it, but nothing compared to what is to come if few listen. The earth changes in the form of floods and earthquakes great will intensify, but still allow denial as your choice must be pure of heart.


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