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What’s New?

  • Feb.  23 Update


What's Coming Soon

Planetary Drama 2011 started

Cellular Regeneration and Accelerated Growth  2011 started

New theory on how a magnetic field flows and its associated lines of force    (60% complete)

Darwin vs. Creationism (not started)

The Pole Shift  

Technology Insights 

Media Permission


Short Summaries of the Main Topics

Mankind's Explanations

Top Twelve Theories

Current Status   .XX22 last update 1/03/11

Revised *


More Topics


Aurora Borealis (New theory on the structure of the atom)

Bode's Law *

The Cause of Earth's 23 Degree Tilt

Crop Circles  *

Dark Energy*

Dark Matter *

Event Horizon

Factor 10 Problem*

Free Floaters*

Fusion Reactors*

Gravitational Amplifiers

Gravitational Stellar Wobble*

The Hubble Constant & Red Shift* 

Kuiper Belt*

Magnetic Diffusion*

Magnetic Stars

The Moon’s Rotation*

Numerical Simulation of a Hydrostatic Equation

The Orbital Mechanics of the 12th Planet *

Orbital Perturbations

The Planetary Dynamics of the 12th Planet *

Rebuttal to Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Mystery of the Red Giant

Relativity: Mass & Time as Relational Variables to the constant C the Speed of Light

The Solar Mass Problem, is There a Repulsion Force?

The Neutrino Sub Atomic Particle Detector

The Solar Neutrino Problem *

The String Theory

The 12th Planet's Core (New Theory on the Fusion Process)

Transparent Metals

Sun  Spots*

Unified Field Theory*



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